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First Printings Of Twisted Metal Will Include Twisted Metal: Black |

Title says it all. It will include a voucher for a digital download of the classic PS2 title Twisted Metal: Black. That was one of my favorite PS2 titles honestly. It won’t be the online version of TM:Black though. But it does have 4 player split screen so you can battle it out with your friends locally.

I played Twisted Metal at E3 several times and they have done a amazing job. It will be released on Valentines Day, 2012 and I’m picking it up day one! How about you?

  • And there is another reason I should pre-order it for my bf.

  • Nice surprise. Wonder why they didn’t just include it in the disc… oh, right. The whole “Online Pass” thing.

  • I never played Black so this is awesome! Comes out on my birthday to!

  • i never played black either so this is a nice bonus

  • I played Black. I remember when they had the OH ONLINE IS COMING…… never came. Would’ve been nice to put online in ya know for the true old school fans 😀

  • @Darklurkr23: Adding online to Black would have been great indeed.

  • wolfkin

    so are you saying there WAS an online black or was that merely aspirational?

  • There was a online version of TM:Black which came later. I never had it though. Just the regular TM:Black game.

  • Oh, didn’t know that! So there IS a chance of an online version of Black for free? Interesting.

  • No, there isn’t a chance of TM:Black online for free. He mentioned that in the video.