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Spike TV’s 2011 Video Game Awards Event Pictures |

A couple of pictures I snapped during the event. Sorry if the pictures are all out of order.

  • Oly

    HipHopGamer in the Hizzzouse!

  • Charlie/Hulk pictures are by FAR the best for so many reasons.

  • Awesome pics man!

  • I am not even gonna describe Cliff’s GF outfit, but hey, whatever keep that genius brain busy delivering us first class titles. On the other hand, gotta love Oly’s face with hip hop gamer XD

  • Nice set of pics! Quality work at the VGA from Oly and PAUL FIERCE. Only thing missing was a swag bag for us to fight over hehehe.

  • Oly

    Isli “Charlie/Hulk pictures are by FAR the best for so many reasons.”
    Yes they are! This was the first time they had ever met… Paul and I are the only ones, besides Hulk’s son and gf, to ever have our picture taken with the two of them at the same time!!

  • Oly

    Cheeto “gotta love Oly’s face with hip hop gamer XD”
    LOL I think the sun was in my eyes…
    We had been hanging all am.. and then I’m like lets take a pic.. he pull off his outter shirt to pose with me haha was epic!

  • Oly

    EDEN… there was no swag bag for anyone… all we got was a Diablo Book and a VGA glass

  • nice pics man i wish i was tehre

  • Whos the girl in the last two pictures? and oh my Emily Rose…

  • @KENNYGK That is Lauren Berggren, Cliffy B’s fiance.

  • @PAUL FIERCE he is a lucky guy haha

  • Told you Paul was taking photos rather then blogging live! lmao j/k Great pics!

  • @Oly: A book and a shot glass ARE swag! First time I’ve heard of this Diablo book ¬_¬

  • dragon290513

    she has a gaming blog or something.

    P.S: why does the image viewer no longer work?

  • I had not seen those! Pretty awesome!

    @Oly: wasn’t you a bit under dressed for the event? 😀