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What’s Up With Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

At E3 2006 Square Enix announced three new titles that would be added to the Final Fantasy series, which were Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, & Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally Final Fantasy XIII was suppose to be a PS3 exclusive, but then later announced for Xbox 360 which surprised many fans. Final Fantasy Agito XIII was intended to be Mobile game for phones, but now is currently under development for the PSP, and was renamed Final Fantasy Type-0. The one that seemed most interesting was Final Fantasy Versus XIII which Square Enix hasn’t revealed too much about.

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Double Points For The Rest Of The Year

You can now earn double points for the following activities: blog posts, comments, logging in daily, posting in the group forums or main forum. Time to stock up on those points.


PS3BlogCast Episode 30

Welcome back to another week with the podcast. This one is light on the news, with FooBear and yours truly. We don’t get into a whole lot, beside the basics of new releases and a few bits on the Japanese Vita launch.

For those of you who don’t feel like taking a trip to Spoilerville, FooBear and I talk about the ending to Assassin’s Creed Revelations. We do the code giveaway and the secret word before hand, but if you want to skip over it stop the podcast at 51:30 and you can pick it back up at about 1:02:43.

We also won’t be having a podcast next week, so we’ll see you all next year! At least…in the podcast. Stay active on the site!


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Huge Savings Part 2: PSN Store Edition

There’s a LOT of content on sale right now at the PSN store. So much that I’ve had to place it all after the break AND in quotes to really make the list pop-out. My PS3 is set to be back by friday morning and I’ll be getting the L.A. Noire Complete Bundle (even cheaper at only $24.99 thanks to my PS+ sub), Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, Age of Booty, Breath of Fire IV, Dino Crisis 2, Cyberbots and Earthworm Jim HD.

What are YOU buying?
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