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Yearly Archives: 2011

Trade Your Old PS3 for $200 Towards a New One at GameStop

May 7, 2011 | | 4 Comments

GameStop is having a great deal where you can trade in your current PS3 for $200! This trade-in must be put towards a newer model PS3. So, if you have an old fatty, and are looking to keep up with the design change, now is the time to act. This deal runs until the 14th of May. Here’s how the ad reads:

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The Dead Block Shall Soon Rise from the Dead!

May 7, 2011 | | 8 Comments

… well, at least once PSN is back online and all the other releases that would have launched in the last couple of missed store updates play catch up. Good thing this is set for a summer release!

All we … Read More

MW3 to be Featured in Next Months OPM!?

May 7, 2011 | | 16 Comments

The biggest game in the world returns soon. At least that’s the message in the most recent issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine. In a teaser for its July issue, the magazine illustrates a huge “3″, hinting at none … Read More

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Officially Announced

May 6, 2011 | | 3 Comments

Ubisoft has announced the follow up to AC: Brotherhood, titled Revelations. The game will allow you to play as Ezio, Altair, and Desmond, with Ezio’s gameplay taking place in Constantinople and Desmond’s story picking up from where it left … Read More

PSN Service Almost Ready; AllClear ID Plus Offered for Free [UPDATE: Letter From Stringer]

May 5, 2011 | | 48 Comments

Within the past hour or so, Sony had posted an update on the outage, stating that they have begun the final testing stages of the updated PSN service, hopefully resuming it some time this weekend, if tomorrow is out of the question (no solid date yet, still). At least we know we’re very close.

Also announced, for US customers (other territories to have similar services announced soon), Sony’s complimentary ID theft monitoring will be provided by Debix, Inc, with the service ‘AllClear ID Plus’.

With this service, you will have an entire year of ID theft protection. Sony will be sending out activation emails for the service within the next few days, and the activation codes must be claimed by the 18th of June. Service will be provided for an entire year from sign-up date. What is covered by the service?

[spoiler intro=”Cyber monitoring and surveillance…”]…of the Internet to detect exposure of an AllClear ID Plus customer’s personal information, including monitoring of criminal web sites and data recovered by law enforcement. If his/her personal information is found, the customer will be alerted by phone and/or email and will be provided advice and support regarding protective steps to take. The customer will also receive monthly identity status reports. Debix works with an alliance of cyber-crime experts from the government, academia and industry to provide these services.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”Priority access to licensed private investigators and identity restoration specialists.”]If an AllClear ID Plus customer receives an alert, or otherwise suspects that he/she may be the victim of identity theft, the customer can speak directly, on a priority basis, with an on-staff licensed private investigator, who will conduct a comprehensive inquiry. In the case of an identity theft, the customer can work with an identity restoration specialist to contact creditors and others, and take necessary steps to restore the customer’s identity.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”A $1 million identity theft insurance policy per user…”]…to provide additional protection in the event that an AllClear ID Plus customer becomes a victim of identity theft. This insurance would provide financial relief of up to $1 million for covered identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages that occur within 12 months after the stolen identity event.[/spoiler]

Be sure to keep an eye on your registration emails! As soon as we get word of other territories’ ID theft protection services, we’ll let you know!

Posts just keep coming in. Howard Stringer, after the blog posted those two updates, also posted a letter, which you can read after the jump.

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Konami Holding Pre-E3 Global Event

May 5, 2011 | | 4 Comments

A week before one of the biggest video game events in the world kicks off in L.A next month, Konami plans to hold it’s own special “Global Event”. Hoping to build pre-E3 buzz, on June 2nd the makers of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill will kick off a global online screen event that will “tie the viewing party attendees from each city with online viewers through Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.”
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Great Deals In-bound; Portal 2! MK!

May 5, 2011 | | 8 Comments

GameStop takes $20 off Portal 2 This seems to be the norm lately at Target as well.

Toys-R-Us has Mortal Kombat for $39.99 and also has an in-store $10 off coupon located at the front of the store, so grab … Read More

FooBear408 Reviews PlayStation Move Heroes

May 4, 2011 | | 4 Comments

Greetings true believers!

Your lil’ pal FooBear408 once again has hopped on the old soapbox to audition for position of town crier. Basically, I’m willing to talk for anyone who’ll listen. This being my first serious review of a game that isn’t all that serious to begin with.  Whether you’re playing as a raccoon who sports a black lone ranger mask complete with newsboy/berét, or my personal favorite: the low budget and not so smug version of Bender from Futurama – Clank – you’ll be kicking ass and taking names in no time. And in conclusion to this first riveting paragraph: there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that this game gets repetitive – fast. And the game, as a whole, leaves something to be desired for the hardcore fans. The good news is there’s no more bad news.

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