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We are currently in the process of better categorizing the forums to both make it easier to find a place for you to post topics, as well as making it easier for you to find topics. Currently, most posts are still in their older/renamed/original forums and will eventually be moved to their correct forums. This project will be completed later (so, for now, you might need to search for pre-existing topics that might currently be in the wrong forum). Enjoy the new setup!

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PSP Remaster Series and Multiplayer

The PSP Remaster series will use adhoc party for its multiplayer-based PSP games. Adhoc party is available for download via the PlayStation Store and is a software that turns your PS3 into a server of sorts for connecting the PSP to users around the world.

[spoiler intro=”This is how Adhoc is described by the wiki”]The purpose of this software is to extend the PlayStation Portable’s adhoc game function using the PlayStation Network through the PlayStation 3’s built-in wi-fi. Therefore it is not compatible with the non-wifi enabled PlayStation 3 20GB model (CECHB00). The PlayStation 3 must be connected to the Internet with a broadband network (wired) connection since the wireless connection is used as a server for the PlayStation Portable. Another constraint is the PlayStation Portable user must remain close to the PlayStation 3 so the PS3 to PSP wi-fi connection is still active during ad hoc playtime. This software therefore benefits those with a PSP who wish to play online but have no wireless internet connection available to them or ad-hoc only multiplayer games.

The PSP to PSP ad hoc connection is replaced by a PSP to PS3 ad hoc connection to allow online gaming on a global scale through the PlayStation Network enabled PlayStation 3. It allows advanced online multiplayer functions on the PlayStation Portable such as voice chat using the PlayStation 3 official bluetooth headset or the PlayStation Eye webcam’s microphone. Text chat, known as “lobby chat”, is also possible within public (“Free”) rooms and private (“Password”) rooms.[5][6] The PlayStation 3 official Wireless Keypad is also supported, however, users must press the Enter key to begin typing.[/spoiler]

That’s the basic rundown. Here is the kicker, and this may not sit well with many users: you must have a wired connection in order to use Adhoc Party. You can have 3 users on a PSP and the host on the PS3 in the same room with the remaster series, which is just awesome. This was confirmed by the quirky group over at Famitsu, as seen below, using none other than Monster Hunter 3rd HD ( go figure right).

So when Peace Walker lands on the PS3 you will need to have adhoc party and be familiar with its functions in order to get some MP gaming on. Thoughts on wired connection only? Have many of you even heard of Adhoc party?



Splinter Cell HD 1080p Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell collection is currently available on the EU PSN and will be coming our way shortly. Here is a look at 20 minutes of gameplay in 1080p to see just what they have done to the series in terms of graphics.

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Retro/Grade and PAX Contest

Matt Gilgenbach (Co-founder, 24 Caret Games) stopped by the Sony Blog to share some neat news about the upcoming PAX contest that will allow you to be forever immortalized in the games credits. The contest will be a high score contest; you can pre-register HERE and get a customized Pilot ID card as well.

Retro/Grade combines a rythm game with a side scrolling game and is shaping up to be something truly unique. Here is a look at what you can expect in this unique game, which can also be played with a guitar controller!

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