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Free Points Saturday | December 24th

Alrighty, thanks for your patience. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! In case you forgot, we’re doing two of these since I missed last week and quadrupling everything on one question was a bit on the ridiculous side. We still have one more question before the year closes, so stick around for that next week!

Anyway, here’s the question for today:

This substance can cause a certain mutation if you happen to get knocked into it. That’s what happened to a certain game character’s best friend anyway.
Hint: 2 words

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Free Points Saturday (For Last Week)

Due to forgetting to post this last Saturday or Sunday, and being busy Monday and Tuesday, I was originally going to post this on Wednesday, but, of course, we had those annoying server problems that caused me to put it off until today.

Now, given that it took so long to get 30 recipients to respond to the first FPS we did this month, rather than making it 40 people for 600 points each, I will be doing two FPS posts today, 20 people each at 300 points. These won’t necessarily have to do with gaming, though. So, here’s the question I’ve been wanting to ask since last week:

What important fact kept the Greatest Prospector in the North alive when his survival looked most impossible?
Hint: 2 words

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Winners Of The US/UK Carnivores (minis) Bundle

Here are the winners of the US Bundle: SubMonkey, Maplesniper, dragon290513, mowmow, Insomniac_24_7. We only had 1 person (wolfkin) enter to win the UK Bundle. So that leaves 4 UK codes. I already posted the extra 4 UK PSN Carnivores Bundle codes on our Google+ page, Facebook & Twitter. First come, first serve.


What’s Up With Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

At E3 2006 Square Enix announced three new titles that would be added to the Final Fantasy series, which were Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, & Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally Final Fantasy XIII was suppose to be a PS3 exclusive, but then later announced for Xbox 360 which surprised many fans. Final Fantasy Agito XIII was intended to be Mobile game for phones, but now is currently under development for the PSP, and was renamed Final Fantasy Type-0. The one that seemed most interesting was Final Fantasy Versus XIII which Square Enix hasn’t revealed too much about.

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