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Yearly Archives: 2011

Fallout: New Vegas DLC coming Feb. 22, 2011

February 4, 2011 | | 2 Comments

According to software publisher Bethesda, “Dead Money” DLC, which was released for the 360 on Dec. 21, 2010, is at last coming to the PS3 and PC on Feb. 22, 2011. Bethesda has also announced plans for three additional DLC … Read More

Please Welcome Oly & Luke to the Team!

February 4, 2011 | | 24 Comments

It’s been a long time coming and now it’s finally official. The last step was getting caricatures complete for both of them. Both of these guys have helped a lot in the past years. Be it giveaways or managing our twitter/facebook in addition to all the reviews and posts they have done.

Both arrived first in the forum I believe. When Oly arrived, he was already giving away things. It was a Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Navarro Skin. When Luke arrived he mentioned he bought some games from our Store to help out.

So please welcome them both to the Official Team! Bios after the jump!

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Official Review – Faery: Legends of Avalon

February 4, 2011 | | 21 Comments

Spiders (great logo!) welcomes us to this new IP of theirs with a summary of what this new adventure set before us has to offer:

Faery: Legends of Avalon is a great role playing game packed with a unique atmosphere and  graphic style. Play as an elf or a fairy and discover the fantastic world of Avalon as well as the fantastic creatures that live there.

Hero of Avalon, you must understand why this world is dying and save the kingdom from an inevitable disappearance. In a thrilling adventure where your choice will shape your fate, you will make your character evolve as well as his powers and his equipment, through victorious during battles and completed quests.

Many dangers await you, and some fights against certain creatures and monsters of the game promised to be formidable. To overcome all the dangers, you will gain power in experience but also ask for the support of some companions you met during your journey. Each partner has his own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and especially his own character. Be sure you chose the best combination of talents, and enjoy the incredible experience of fighting with a dragon, a troll, fairies and other fantastic creatures.

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Dragon Age 2 Totally Awesome Giveaway!

February 4, 2011 | | 9 Comments

Greetings, true believers!

It’s your smarmy internet buddy checking in, FooBear408. I was able to attend the Dragons Age 2 event in San Francisco last night and unbeknown to me, “gift bags” and free stuff abounded and were plentiful for the taking. Now, where I wasn’t able to grab some of the totally awesome stuff, I was able to grab two equally mind-exploding items..

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Tron: Legacy Limited Edition Blu-ray with Original Tron!

February 4, 2011 | | One Comment

This Limited Edition comes with 5 discs. (Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy plus Tron: The Original Classic Special Edition Blu-ray) even comes with a glowing identity disc! You can pre-order it at Amazon now.

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Snippets of NGP’s True Power Potential

February 4, 2011 | | 5 Comments

Eurogamer posted some new info after speaking to some devs about the NGP, its ease of development and power. Take a look.

“NGP is a developer’s dream – Sony is finally doing the things developers have been crying out for … Read More

Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer

February 4, 2011 | | 11 Comments

Here’s the teaser trailer for Battlefield 3 that Oly alluded to earlier on. Definitely a big tease. A brief sexy tease that makes you want to know more. Show me more, you sexy beast! Some new details have been … Read More

Killzone 3 Open Beta Game Morning [Update]

February 3, 2011 | | 7 Comments

I’ll be playing the KZ3 Open Beta before work tomorrow morning from 7:15 am MST – 8:50 am MST. My PSN ID is xBerserker, but say you’re from and mention KZ3 Beta in your friend request. I might be … Read More