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Playstation Plus Subscribers: Your January Content is Partially Here! |

The list of January PS+ content is here and this is a very good month to jump in in case you haven’t decided yet! You’ll get Swords & Soldiers (a very, very, very fun game) AND the full season for Back to the Future – The Game!

PSN Game:
Back to the Future The Game – Full Series – 1/3
Sword & Soldiers – 1/3

Stick Man Rescue – 1/10

PS one Classics:
Syphon Filter – 1/3
Syphon Filter 2 – 1/3
Syphon Filter 3 – 1/3

Full Game Trials:
Toy Story 3: The Video Game – 1/10
Cars 2 – 1/17

Qore Episode 44 – January – 1/10

Avatars and Themes:
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Felyne Fighter Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Lance Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Poogie Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Avatar Bundle 3 – 1/10 (PS+ Price $0.99)
Abstract Art Dynamic Theme – 1/17
Assassin’s Creed Revelation Dynamic Theme – 1/24

PSN Games:

Rocket Knight – 50% off – 1/3 (PS+ Price $7.50)
Burnout Crash! – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Crysis – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Deathspank – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $6.99)
Fancy Pants Adventure – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Gatling Gears – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Risk Factions – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Capcom Super Pack Discount – 75% off – 1/24 (PS+ Price $10.00)

Dante’s Inferno DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Dead Space 2 DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Dragon Age 2 – Legacy Pack – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $6.39)
Dungeon Defenders: Quest for the Lost Enternia Shards: Part 1 – 75% off – 1/17 (PS+ Price $1.00)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $20.99)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Birdie Pack – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $7.69)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Eagle Pack – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $17.49)

PS3 Full Games:
Dante’s Inferno Super Bundle – 25% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $14.99)
Darksiders – 20% off – 1/3 (PS+ Price $15.99)
Dead Space 2 Super Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $35.99)
Shift 2 Unleashed Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $39.99)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Super Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $39.99)

Out of that I’d get the Dante’s Inferno Super Bundle since it’s the game and all the DLC (or at least that would seem to be the case) and Darksiders (which is a great option for all you Zelda fans out there). I already bought Rocket Knight last night and will probably get Crysis and Gatling Gears as well. We’re also getting an extra discount on 12 PSN games that will be revealed on January 17, and those will be at 50% off.

  • Interesting month to say the least. Gatling Gears is fun! Already enjoying that in local coop, don’t know if there is online multiplayer support. Darksiders looks interesting, never had a chance to pick that up hmm. I am wondering what games are included in the 12 for 12 deal, choices baby! Another wonderful month to be a PS+ member.

  • @Cheeto: Get Darksiders ASAP. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

    The 12 for 12 could be awesome discounts on awesome games… or discounts on games that have been made available for free for PSN subs hehehe. We’ll find out in two weeks!

  • I was surprised yesterday when I saw that we would have in store update.
    Well I’m not very fan of Sam and Max style games, as it has to be the back to the future.
    I’ll give it a try, just in the name of the movie that I really like it.
    I’m doing right now to download this sword & soldiers.
    I waiting for the games will be discounts

  • I really, really, reaaaally like the Point and Click games, as you can tell from my reviews for BttF. I’ll soon review Season 2 of Sam and Max as well.

  • @EDEN

    Well i just played the Sam and Max first one, the chapter 1 only in the last xmas.
    I will see

  • Too bad I already have BTTF. I guess the free game had to be something I already owned at somepoint. I hope people give it a chance.

  • @The_Nmac: Yep, it was bound to happen to all of us. I already own Swords and Soldiers on Wii (and had a LOT of fun with it) but having the PSN version just means I’ll replay a great game for them trophies! All in all, PS+ has been worth it for me.

  • hmmm not too bad of a month may have to pick up Capcom Super Pack when it goes on sale

  • i wonder what those 12 games for the new will be. nice list of free games this month.

  • I’m happy with the free content, but… those Syphon Filter games look atrocious.

  • ah syphon filter were amazing games back in the day doubt they have aged too well tho

  • dragon290513

    Sweet! Time for a whole lot of free trophies =)

  • And the year has just begun!