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Cast of ‘The Tester: Season 3’ Revealed |

PlayStation has revealed the cast for the third season of The Tester, and for the first time in the shows history, the cast is completely gender-balanced. That’s right, 6 girls and 6 guys will duke it out for the chance to win a job as a Production Associate at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The winner will also walk away with $5000, a PS3 system (it’s kind of sad to say that some of the people may not have one already, as can be seen on season 2), a 3D TV, and a 2012 Ford Focus.

Both judges from last season, Adrianne Curry and Brent Gocke, will be returning, which means that it’s safe to say that there will be a new guest judge each week. The beautiful Meredith Molinari also returns as the host. The new season starts February 7th on the PSN, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I am definitely more excited for this season than the previous one. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the increase in girls changes the game, and how awkward conversations in the house will be. I’m also looking forward to seeing BurnNibelheim every week, although she will never replace war princess in my heart.

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  • Anyone who enters that contest and doesn’t own a PS3 should NOT BE ON THE SHOW!!! I mean SERIOUSLY? They taking people who are all OMG SONY and some don’t have the damn system? Fuck I might as well go on a show to become CEO of P.F. Changs

  • wolfkin

    i thought the chick without a PS3 was season 1?

    and Adrianne Curry is the worst thing about the show. if she is a gamer she has absolutely no enthusiasm about it. Even Brent manages to be more life like even though he’s clearly all business and actually that’s fine.

    she’s actually worse than the ‘drama’ on the show.

  • The list doesn’t look that bad, not sure why people are hating them.

  • They’re STILL doing this?

  • i scene her play wow naked so shes a gamer <><>

  • dragon290513

    Shouldnt the show renamed the production associate? Trollolololol

  • i cant believe this is still going on i couldnt even watch on whole episode

  • @dragon290513 I know huh, the name “The Tester” doesn’t really describe

    @wolfkin My only true love war princess didnt have a ps3. In fact i dont think she even owned a console period. Thats why it didnt work between us 😉