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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Release |

First off Happy News Year everyone and I hope you all had a great one. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan & played Final Fantasy XIII, I’m pretty sure you’ve been keeping up with the upcoming sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2, whether you liked FFXIII or not. The sequel is set to release Jan 31st, which is the end of this month. If you want to get some hands on with the new features on FFXIII-2, well here’s your chance. Next week Jan 10th a demo will be released on the PSN Store. Hopefully it’s different than demo I played at San Diego’s Comic-Con last year in July. None the less I hope your hyped for this game as much as I am.

  • I couldn’t get into the past title. I miss diving into the world of FF but somehow that sparkle I found in 7 has been absent since. Fingers crossed

  • Hope the demo is good. I was super disappointed with 13 so I hope they fixed the mistakes.

  • Demo for this game is actually something interesting, worth checking out.

  • Anyone like the demo. It wasn’t bad and fixed alot of what I disliked about 13.