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Luminous Engine & Photo Realism Next Gen |

Square Enix is hard at work on what is going to be their next gen engine, moving away from their past titles’ art work and into photo realism. Square is hoping to do what the Unreal Engine did for this generation, with their Luminous Engine Next Gen. I have to admit, the Photo Realism is just what I was hoping for. The studio plans to allow other studious to use the engine which will cut production time in half and lower the cost of game development as a whole. Whether this will allow for cheaper games, we’ll have to wait and see. Take a look at a very early sample of what to expect after the jump.

I remember the early days of gaming and what Sega CD was doing with FMV and how amazing it was to feel like you were in a realistic setting in Ground Zero Texas. Here’s hoping Square Enix can pull this off and begin the next Next Gen with Photo Realistic gaming.

Source: Edge

  • Very nice tech! Wonder how long it will take them to implement this. Maybe 2 years?

  • Jay

    um, wow. regardless, this will probably drive up production costs for titles using it anyway, as the game worlds would need models that are as photorealistic as the game worlds or they’ll look out of place.

  • @Jay: But they would cut costs with rendering the actual game world, right? Anyway, if we’re going to pay $60+ for the next round of games, they might as well make them as pretty as possible.

  • Its main purpose is to cut costs and decrease production time. The photo realism seems to be an ongoing theme for next gen so I think everybody is on board. This will do what unreal engine did for this gen.

  • dragon290513

    Cant wait for the 1st game to use this engine!

  • hmmm does sounds interesting and if it cuts cost bring it on

  • This seems to be the perfect tech to license to other developers to make back costs.

  • This is SE we’re talking about…I’m not holding my breath for anything to come out soon.

  • OMG i hope the BF 4 or BF 5, use this technology

  • If next gen looks this good, I hope it comes earlier than expected hehe

  • I’m no developer but stronger hardware doesn’t always end up in increased production costs, at least by a lot.

    The jump from Ps2 to PS3 surely must have increased costs but I don’t think PS4 will increase the costs that much because:
    1) Engines with realtime feedback (CryEngine 3 / Frostbite 2.x etc) greatly reduce turnaround times. Instant feedback allows artists and programmers to try out their ideas several times quicker.
    2) In the current gen, models are already being built at ultra-high poly counts. The information is then mapped on to a low-poly versions. So artists create two versions already. This will not change for the most part, only the low-poly versions may have higher polygon count. Also, if both next-gen consoles come with feasible support for hardware tesselation, they may not even have to create the low poly version, also cutting down costs.
    3) Textures are already being created at very high resolutions, for next gen hardware and engines, this will only mean they will be better represented on screen.

    So they’d indeed need to increase the attention to detail, but even with current-gen assets, higher quality shaders and realtime lighting solutions will make things look better.