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Choplifter Coming to PSN Tomorrow |

Tomorrow, we’ll be able to get our hands on this old school-style helicopter shoot-em-up, which is best described as Nostalgia having “a baby with Awesome…” The original released years ago in 1982, but has been updated to today’s standards, while still keeping the familiar feel of these types of games. And it has zombies for those who like killing off the undead (ignore the oxymoron in that statement). You will be able to pick this one up for $15.

  • Asura’s wrath demo tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard when i read the zombie part knowing how much you love zombies and the conversation we all had in the VGA blog lmao

  • Oly

    “I owe you a beer!” ahahaha looks fun

  • Definitely looks like a fun game!

  • haha it has zombies let the complainers begin

  • wolfkin

    ugh… HD.. here’s what HD means to me. It means all important information will be at the very edge of the screen and it won’t be wide or thick so for me I’ll never see it. It means the text will be miniscule, it means horrible color schemes where said white text with a thin black outline will be placed on top of brightly color background like.. maybe a very desaturated by bright pink so even if the text is one screen it’ll blur to be neigh unreadable.

    BTW what i want is an upgraded Armor Alley this unfortunately looks like it might very well be AAish.

  • i think i remember playing the original version of this game on arcades a lot, or something very similar, might be an interesting game, not going to add it to my backlog though.

  • I got to play this waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. Fun game, it was.

  • i remember playing the original as well. I hope this remake is good, cause i like these kinda games (like glory days)

  • @mowmow: It has zombies in it… how can it NOT be good?

  • @eden haha zombies, well then i hope there will be a demo. Helicopter pew pew is always awesome

  • No game is complete these days without a zombie mode.