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12 Comments 2011 In Review |

Had a big year in 2011 in many ways. We had Oly & EdEN officially join the team. Oly, Eddie, and I attended E3 2011, and it was a blast. We finally started our own podcast, called the PS3BlogCast, which has had 31 episodes with 9,018 downloads/listens so far! Big kudos to Jcmdaddy (for being the host!), Ace, and FooBear408 for primarily running the podcast.

Our giveaway system has slowly evolved over the past year and I’m really proud of the final product now. It’s much easier for members to enter a giveaway. Plus, it’s so easy for us to pick winners at random. The betting system I created turned out to be a bigger hit than I’d thought it would be; I’m glad to see people are using it.

Thank you all for your suggestions and finding bugs so I can fix them. In fact, you can get the giveaway & betting system that I developed for your own WordPress site! See how to get it here.

We added more ways to earn points, such as answering questions. For example: Free Points Saturday, Game Nights & getting points for listening to the PS3BlogCast.

In 2011, we had 1849 Posts and 112 Reviews, so pretty impressive numbers there. Right before 2011 ended, we also hit the 1 million point mark.

Here is the point leaderboard for top 10 non-staff members (as of this posting):

pedrolabate (26427 Points)
Trigga_Tybalt (24520 Points)
beastxjason (23122 Points)
cheeto (14083 Points)
jcmdaddy (12995 Points)
isli (10000 Points)
kane112 (9466 Points)
dragon290513 (9194 Points)
Sinlock (7190 Points)
Emrah (7034 Points)

Below are the giveaway totals for the last 3 years, and as you can see, we are not slowing down. We already have 2 giveaways active right now and more are coming soon! The numbers below are only for digital/physical giveaways.

2011 Totals | 57 Giveaways – 181 Winners
2010 Totals | 26 Giveaways – 104 Winners
2009 Totals | 9 Giveaways – 17 Winners

I wanted to mention that the majority of our giveaways are GLOBAL giveaways. I don’t know of many other websites that do that. We have members from all over the globe, so it’s only fair that we open the giveaways to everyone that lives on planet earth. Depending on rules by the publisher providing the game for a giveaway, however, not all can be global unfortunately. But still, 95% or more of them are!

Our recognition among developers & public relation companies has grown a lot in the past year. We covered a lot of events this year via live blogs, too. In total, we had 10 live blogs, which are always fun. Also, be sure to check out our new Google+ page and facebook members group (which is a general hangout area for random fun and discussion).

Do you have any favorite moments from 2011? Let us know in the comments below.

  • 2011 sure was a great year, it makes me happy to finally be back!

    This is one of the best online communities I’ve seen, and it really makes me proud to say I’m part of it. And apparently I’m non-staff #1 which is pretty cool as well ;p

    I want to thank everyone here for making this blog so awesome and coming here to post and participate and thank all the trolls for not liking our blog and keeping a safe distance ;p

    Finally, thanks to our buddy Tosh who is responsible for keeping things the best way possible and constantly improving our experience! If it wasn’t for him none of us would be here. AND thanks to all out half decent staff members ;]

  • My favorite moment of 2011? The day when I was made part of the staff!

  • WOW 26.427 points
    i got 696 points, with these points I must surely be in last place LOL
    I visit the site several times every day, mostly not logged.
    I started to comment after the middle of the year 2011, but I think the really fun site with great news, reviews, and betting points, and a lot of other funny things.
    Surely the best team of the Internet, does this site.

  • Now you have over 700 points!

  • I only joined up around early summer? but I am enjoying my time here. Love reading the articles , this points system is addicting……Must get more points….
    Very glad I Found this site. =D

  • wow never knew how much the site is growing

  • Met some solid friends here over the yr. glad to be a part of it

  • I am glad I’ve found this site. In the past few months I’ve been blessed with so many friends, online buddies and Oly! Thank you Tosh for keeping the site live even at the time you were practically jobless XD Thank you Oly for the soft porn themes recommendations. Thank you Jay for editing my posts and keeping them cool. Thanks EdEN for approving my posts and including your stupid Nintendo fan love lines in them. Thanks JCM and Foo for keeping me busy listening to your Podcast during long work hours.


    My favorite moment had to be when I received my PS3blog swag package. Envy look on co-worker face was priceless. I am looking forward to 2012 with more adventures, things to shoot and puzzles to solve. Thank you PS3blog community, Cheeto loves ya all!

  • Great work, everyone! Love the site, love the community. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t drop in to catch the latest. Thanks to Tosh in particular for running the site and for constantly developing and refining its machinery. Thanks to Jay for his community organization and fine editing work. And thanks to the many fine writers and contributors!

  • I have to agree with everyone’s sentiments here. I check the site everyday sometimes a few times. To think it all started with a dual L.A. Noire review with a sweet mystery contest.

  • Jay

    oh yeah, forgot about Baba and I doing that review. It was a lot of fun. We should do another like that.

    Anyway, I’d like to thank all of you guys for sticking around, even after server issues and stuff like that. I love this community. It’s the most friendly, fun, and varied community I’ve ever been a part of. Never would I have thought that simply starting out as an unregistered guest posting comments every now and then would eventually lead to me becoming a staff member with the titles of Community Manager and Editor in Chief, and getting all-expenses-paid trips to LA and Plano lol.

  • Y’all finally made a podcast! Damn, i’ll start writing again once my PSVita comes in :3 I sold my ps3 years ago, it’s why I stopped writing.