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Asura’s Wrath Demo On PSN Today! |

A playable demo of Asura’s Wrath hits PSN today featuring 2 cosmic battles from episodes 5 and 11. The demo will feature Rocket punch and Airship! Should be just enough to wet your whistle for what to expect when the game launches. Below is the last installment of videos entitled “The final lesson”

Source: Capcom

  • haha downloading the now

  • Oly

    you will be the dissapoint!!

  • haha yep according to jason i shall be

  • that game looks terrible, any feedback ?

  • it is so bad!bad as in badddddd,pooo,suckssssssown, rage quit, lol

  • lol sorry to hear that Jason, was actually looking forward to this one. We still get FFX-2 demo I think, which should make up for it .. somehow

  • I’m sorry to hear that Jason, I know you were pretty excited about it, but honestly, there was just no way that game was going to be good. I knew from the moment I saw the reveal trailer, there was just no way that kind of gameplay could turn into something decent…

  • dragon290513

    those who have tried it said loads and loads of QTE?

  • wolfkin

    what? i just played it.. it’s not BAD.. it’s like playing a fight in DBZ. is the entire game like that demo because if so it’s mostly QTE. it was definitely a fun watch. If it’s cheap I say pick it up on sale. That would be a lovely $5 pick up. I will go hard to win it soon as i can.