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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Cinematic Trailer |

Observe the different factors in the fight for Raccoon City in this cinematic trailer. This new entry in the Resident Evil series introduce a third person team based shooter experience set in the dark streets of Raccoon City. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is set for 3/20/2012. Check our previous post on the collectors edition of the game.

  • Not interested in the game itself. But that was a great trailer.

  • Maybe a more action oriented take is what the franchise needs. Will definitely try a demo.

  • Cool trailer, but not the kind of resident evil I’m looking for. Why can’t there be another awesome title like RE2 ? That game was amazing.

  • dragon290513

    the game is developed by maker of socom 4 so dont hold your breath =.=

  • i’ve actually played this game at ny comic con, and it turned out to be pretty fun, so i think i might getting this.

  • Hopefully we’ll get a demo on PSN. I think it all will come down to the multiplayer and the local coop features. Pedro RE2 was one of my all time favorites in the series, I am not sure we will ever see this sort of devotion lol at least till the next consoles are out .. probably.

  • @Cheeto oh yea i’m sure this won’t be as fun single player, but with 4 it was great. The controls were pretty good, fast paced. think like left 4 dead like speed of trying to go through levels. The fact that your in Raccoon City makes it a nice touch

  • RE2 still pretty much my favorite Survivor Horror game of all times, followed close by Dead Space 2 which is also incredible. RE4 is a great game as well, but it just doesn’t feel as scary and not half as difficult though. Please note that I’m only discussing single player which is what I like.

    I loved everything about RE2, graphics were very good at the time, mechanics were solid, difficulty was on the spot and puzzles were some of the best ones to date. Played that bad boy over and over on my PC and N64.

  • have to say the original one is still my favorite. This game doesnt interest me at all, i miss the old school RE games