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Skyrim Update 1.4 to Address PS3 Lag |

Via Twitter, Bethesda announced that the next Skyrim patch (Patch 1.4), available this month, will address the PS3 framerate issue that has been bugging PS3 users since the 2011 game of the year winner was released a few months back.

Its about time, I say …

  • Finally.

  • ZFM12

    What lag?

  • I doubt it will do much good. As much as I love Bethesda games, they’re never fully fixed. I hope it works though, it’d be kind of awesome to have my 100 hours save back in business.

  • @Pedro: Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never thought their patches were very useful. I always had just as much trouble in Fallout before the patch as I did after.

  • @Isli, patches do work to some extent. I could only platinum Fallou New Vegas after that last patch that came about 6 months later, but it certainly did NOT fix everything, the game still crashed at times, but was a lot better than when it came out.

    But I have serious doubts about what can and can’t be fixed on Skyrim, and the lag problem is not the kind of problem Bethesda is known to fix properly.

  • I think the patch might help with new games however people who have invested hundreds of hours it might not correct issues.