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Sony 4k Resolution & The PS3? |

Sony announces that the 4k 4096×2160 resolution will be landing on the PS3 early 2012 in the form of a firmware update. I hope you have $25k saved up for the projector required to display this and some 4096×2160 material to view!

Keep in mind this is only for still images as video isn’t possible at this time on the PS3. Good news or are you like me and wondering if we should hold out for 4k 3d?

Source: Engadget

  • Jay

    Really good projectors are expensive anyway, upwards of 10K. Personally, I think it would be cool and 4K would be great for TVs and screens about 55 inches and up, but anything under that would be a waste. With that said, I would hold out on 4K until the TVs are cheaper because 4K might become a standard lol. But that’s still a few years out anyway

  • With that price tag, I just might have to hold out forever! I’d never pay so much for a screen. As good as it is, it just isn’t a justifiable expense.

  • dragon290513

    nope! maybe try it out in expo or something but thats it 😀

  • We can all chip in and buy a projector and get together for playing… oh wait. Still images? Mmm, ok. See you in 5 years when you cost $1000!

  • Ohh so this is what you were discussing earlier, interesting. I was talking about the new Toshiba glasses-free 3D tv. 10K for that bad boy.

  • glasses free 3d is getting awful health warnings due to eye strain. Id wait on that man

  • damnn 25k talk about a pretty penny