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Releases for the Week (January 16th-22nd) |

It is time for Slow Start to the Year: Part Deux. This week, we get more digital releases for previosly retail-only games, two new PSN games (one of which is a PSN exclusive), no minis and no PsOne Classics. The highlights for the week will be Amy and Zack Zero. We’ll definitely have a review for you on Amy, and we’re currently working in securing a copy of Zack Zero. Now, from the digital releases for retail games, I would recommend either half of the Shadow of the Colossus/ICO collection since they’re only $20 each. You’ll get a great HD remaster of two of the best games from the PS2 era, lots of trophies (platinum included!) and some nice arguments for the “Are games art?” discussion.

Remember, we’re also getting a LOT of discounted games on PSN when the store updates tomorrow, so that’s something you should consider so you can make sure you have enough funds in your account!

PSN Releases


You Can Buy ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection Right Here!


Zack Zero PSN Exclusive

Cars 2

You Can Buy Cars 2: The Game Right Here!

Crysis 2

You Can Buy Crysis 2 Right Here!

Rainbow Six Vegas

You Can Buy Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas Right Here!

Double Agent

You Can Buy Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent Right Here!

  • ICO and Shadow of the Colossus for the win! I’ve waited for this HD remake to get here, but it never did. $20 each? does that mean I can download em separately?

  • I’m certainty getting ICO/SotC in a couple months, it’s good to have PSN as an option.

  • Pedro, lets not forget Kingdoms of Amalur demo! It will Be a good way to test out the game mechanics, definitely checking that out.

  • hmmm nothing too interesting hopefully some good games go on sale i have some money to spend

  • I highly recommend Amy to everyone >.>

  • @lsli hahaha Ye looks like everyone loves Amy

  • Oly

    AMY FTW.. lol I’ll let you all know my opinion of it very soon!!

    Ico collection was just picked up on Disc, for sale at Target for 29.99 viain store credit I got for returning a game I got free via some other website… 😎

  • @Cheeto that I’ll definitely download. IGN’s ongoing review already pointed out the very strong combat mechanics and it’s looking very promising.

  • Might pick up SOTC. My favorite ps2 game of all time. Never cared for ICO.

  • dragon290513

    have any of you actually played amy yet? i am a bit nervous having read ign’s review

  • @dragon290513: The game will release in a couple of hours. Oly is doing a review, and I’ll probably play it over the weekend as well.