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[Game Night] Modern Warfare 3 | Jan 20th |

Loyal Minions!

Anybody who has MW3 and would like to get their game on with a minor internet celebrity – yours truly – feel free to join in the hijinx this Friday. Join in and be privy to all sorts of craziness and random acts of tomfoolery. Be sure to join up so we can talk about Tosh behind his back and start nasty rumors about Jcmdaddy. And as always feel free to join up for the game night and tell me how much you love/hate/loathe our high quality podcast! At the end of the day it’s all about having fun, right?

When I invite you to the XMB text chat room. PLEASE JOIN IT!
If you have a headset, even better – but it’s no required…
Makes it much easier to communicate quickly if we loose somebody.
Plus this is where I share the secret word so you can get your game night points below.

Enter the secret word sent to you on the PSN by the game host to get your 100 points!

[question answer=”soap” option=”gamenight” limit=”20″]

We will begin around 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST (UTC -7), 8 pm EST; I can play for at least 3 hours.

If you’d like to join us, leave your PSN ID below. My PSN iD is FooBear408, but mention “ Game Night” in your PSN friend request message or I will NOT add you. And if you happen to get a random survey from PS3BLOG.NET’s Management regarding my performance, can i count on you to give me 5 out of 5 stars?

I’ll be there like shareware, ya’all!

  • Well, now people can’t accuse the blog of being partial to Battlefield… hehe

  • may join in just to show you guys how to play

  • I would be a jerk if i pushed for a MW3 night then didn’t show up.

  • i most likely will join in on this one. Ive been wanting to game night but i don’t have bf3

  • You have a lot of dogs.

    I don’t have MW3, so I’m out. Being poor means I had choose one “shoot the dudes” game over the other, so I went with the one that has tanks and helicopters in multiplayer.

    Also who here has [Lost Planet 2]? enough to set up a game night for it? I know its an older title but it was a lot of fun in my eyes.

  • dragon290513

    i will try to get on maybe an hour or 2 but got to go for the lunar new year festival in UCSD.

  • Turns out I am at the inlaws tomorrow. I’m bringing my PS3 however depending on whats going on I may not be able to jump in. Crappy. That being said I will do my best to get in.

  • Can we get that little singing bit as the podcast theme song?

  • I’m down for a little action —> DaveDiggity @ PSN

  • i had fun first time playing dropzone. I’m gonna have to change my perks the next time i play that again. Thanks for the invite =]

  • Sorry about not jumping in. I hope everyone had a good time. I will definitely be there for the next one.