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Gran Turismo 5 Update [2.03] and New DLC detailed |

Gran Turismo 5 fans are treated with a new update for the PS3 exclusive racer. The new update will bring the game to version 2.03 and add a bunch of improvements to the experience. Along with the update, 2 DLC will be available for purchase as of today. Starting off with the all new Car Pack 3, priced at $5.99, which will include six cars: the astonishing Lamborghini Aventador, Jaguar XJR-9 LM, Ashton Martin V12 Vantage, 66′ Volkswagen 1200, Mini Cooper S Countryman, and the Nissan Leaf.

A new test Course pack will also be available for the price of $3.99. The course pack will feature Route X test course, best described by PlayStation blog as a “massive oval with giant banking corners”.

Here is Update 2.03 full details:


– 12 new My Home theme colors and 12 new wallpapers for (GT Mode) have been added to the game. Please find these from the [My Home Settings]-[My Home Design] menu on the left side of the screen.

– Tire wear speed prediction has been added to the pit stop decisions in B-Spec, to prevent tires from wearing out completely during long races.

– Regenerative braking (which recovers energy by converting kinetic energy into electricity) in electric cars have been made stronger to extend driving distance.

– Electric cars will now also creep forward (as in standard automatic cars) when the brake is released without pressing the accelerator.

– Regarding the Chaparral 2J race car’s performance points, the increased performance factor due to the downforce produced by the fan is now calculated.

Correction of Known Issues:

– A issue has been corrected where the car would pit in unintentionally during the last lap of a B spec race.

For more details on upcoming Gran Turismo 5 DLC stay tuned to

  • Jay is sad (or happy) somewhere because you stole his post ;p
    It’s been a while since I’ve played GT, but I love how it stills get a lot of support even after nearly a year.

  • My gt5 wheel is rusty! I want gt5xl! aghhhhhhhhhh

  • Oly

    WOW.. that car is beautiful!
    I might have to buy all this for JAY!

  • @Jason: i need to finally get a wheel, any recommendations?

  • i got the gt5 one. its amazing. i have plans somewhere to build the cockpit thatfolds up. i made it, it rocks

  • haha yep getting xl for free thanks to houseparty

  • I am sure he is smiling somewhere reading this post Pedro lol I don’t own a single racing game, which is a shame really. They actually have GT5 on sale in my local store. Last racing game I purchased was Forza 2. I want to get back in the game, but there are just too many options …

  • dragon290513

    not really into racing simulator but i guess i will wait for the 2nd repackaging 😀

  • Jay

    I’m waiting for a classic muscle car pack.