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Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 6 |

Capcom has formally announced the next installment to its long running survival horror series. Resident Evil 6 takes place in several different parts of the world and stars franchise veterans Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield as the main playable characters. Both protagonists will have separate stories that will intertwine at some point in the game.

“Resident Evil 6 represents a giant stride forward in the evolution of the series,” commented Katsuhiko Ichii, Head of R&D and Global Marketing. “The development team, led by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, is working tirelessly to deliver the most impressive Resident Evil® title ever both in terms of scope and production values. We are all genuinely excited by the title and cannot wait to share it with the world.”

Resident Evil 6 will arrive this November 20th for the PS3 and 360. A PC version will be announced at a later date.

  • Whoops. Sorry PF. I didn’t notice your post when I posted this one.

  • great news, but the trailer is kind of a mess…

  • meh goof buy survival horror just throw this game into the action category

  • I’ve always wondered why people hate Resident Evil trending more towards the action category. I mean all the media going at us today; people are genuinely harder to scare. And for what its worth, i was far more terrified going through RE4 the first time than the first time I went through RE1. Also Dead Space 1 beats anything capcom ever threw at me.

  • Jay

    The original Dead Space was a lot scarier than its sequel. It was more what a modern survival horror title should have been. Unfortunately, that suffered from the same thing in Dead Space 2 as Resident Evil I think. In an effort to appeal to a larger audience, it’s no longer Survival Horror and is more Action Horror, which, I think, given the original subject matter of both series, ruins it for fans of the original. Same kind of deal with Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Rising. Loyalists of the older MGS games, like myself, aren’t too keen on the changes MGR is making (as MGS wasn’t really too much of a departure from the original Metal Gear games).

  • @Abkanis: For me, it’s just that there are a lot of action games but not many horror games. It’s sad to see a genre disappear.

  • @Jay
    MGRising is a spin off. It’s not like Raiden’s replacing Snake in the series and Kojima confirmed the next direct installment in the series will have stealth, so everyone needs to let Ninja Raiden be Ninja Raiden.

    @ Isli
    I predict that Naughty Dog will breath new life into the survivor horror genre with The Last of Us.

  • @Jay the only reason DS2 was’t as scary for me, was because there were a ton of large open spaces. There were moments in the game when you fight the Stalkers that were terrifying, or when you return to the Ishimura. Any place where they got confined like in the crypt, holy shit, that stuff freaked me out. They could keep the action, just…confine the space a bit.

    @Abkanis I will say not being able to see behind me in RE4 was a nice little tension generator, especially when I think I’m back against a wall and just shooting away and suddenly someone grabs me from behind and I’m like “$%%##$ GOD $%#$#$ BAAH!” XD that was always fun.

    As for the news on RE6 I’m stoked. I loved 5, as I’ve mentioned in the podcast plenty of times, and while I know it’s nothing like it was in the beginning, I don’t mind at all. I love the co-op experience, and it seems they’re making it a little more like Gears of War, especially with the way sprinting and the cover system looks and now the sliding to the ground and shooting.

    Even though it’s changed so much over time (everything has to change in some way) I’ll buy it day one and enjoy the hell out of it.

  • game looks nice and I would love to see how this story turns out, but i don’t think i’m going to get this game at launch.

  • Looks decent. Could rap a lot of plot points up. Lets see how it turns out.

  • i dont mind it going towards more action secene but RE too me will always be survival horror. If they wanted to make an action game they should have just started a new franchise

  • DS2 might not be as scary, but still is scary and the gameplay is very much improved. I haven’t played RE5 so I don’t know how was the last installment, but if the team behind 4 is responsible for this, it’s certainly good news. RE4 had some very nice additions to the genre, and while it was a bit more action oriented than RE2 for example, it certainly had it’s moments. If it were a movie I’d say it is a suspense, not an horror one, but certainly not action.

    This trailer is pretty hectic so I don’t really think we’ve got a chance to get a feel of the actual gameplay, but I guess action scenes just make for a better trailer (?), the game seems to be pretty far along so maybe they’ll release a video preview any time soon. To be honest, right now, I’m more excited about the story than the actual game.

  • wolfkin

    haven’t seen the trailer but it must be something big b/c my twitter feed is blowing up about it.

  • Well, that was an interesting take. Closer to RE 5 than 4, and far, far away from 1-3. Will make for a nice Wii U launch game.

  • This game looks AWESOME and beautiful. RE5 is a great game with a lot of substance and extras… I highly enjoyed it. I like the mix of horror and action going on. Operation Raccon City is going to lose a lot of momentum due to this release being so close to the spin off.

  • 🙂

  • ZFM12

    For me to buy another RE (after RE 5 Horribleness), Capcom has to prove to me that this game is more of an Horror/Puzzle rather tjem Action…

  • Im very excited about RE6. Great to have leon back he was my favorite character of the series, even if being fluent in spanish made RE4 a lot less scary and a lot more funny. Those plagas guys were just too funny when they yelled at you. I loved RE5 and now i’m looking forward to RE6 🙂 cant wait.

  • I loved RE5 idk bout u guys, but im stoked for this and ORC

  • Looks like the best RE all the times.
    I cant wait 4 see it

  • dragon290513

    man so many great games announced!