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PS3BlogCast Episode 33 |

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the podcast. This week we have a special guest from the site joining us, you might know him, a little fella that goes by the name of Isli. Tune in to catch Isli, FooBear, Tosh, and I discuss a few things in the news as well as some more Skyrim talk, and a few other stories about our gaming experiences.

If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast feel free to join us! You also get points for being on the podcast, so don’t worry about missing out on the secret word you point fanatics! Just send me a message on the site and I’ll let you know when we start, and I’ll add you on Skype.

Also a bit of warning for those of you who didn’t beat Heavy Rain, but we talk about it at the end of the podcast quite a bit. So if you want to stay away from spoilers, you can just stop the podcast there. I made sure to put the secret word before that. We also talk/spoil Uncharted 3 again, as well as a little bit of Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol, but it’s all after I give you the spoiler warning for Heavy Rain.


Enter the secret word(s) mentioned in the PS3BlogCast to earn 75 points. The first 10 people to enter it correctly get double points!

[question answer=”dr blowhole” option=”podcast” cast=”FooBear408,jcmdaddy,isli,xberserker”]

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You can also leave a voicemail for us by calling PS3-888-BLOG or if you want to contact us via email for us you can do so here. We have a dedicated forum for the PS3BlogCast so you can leave your questions and feedback there as well.

Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New on PSN
  • Infinity Ward Hiring for Next-Gen Games
  • Dead Island DLC
  • ’12 in ’12’
  • SOPA
  • Secret Word
  • Heavy Rain Discussions
  • Great Podcast! The Borderlands Bundle, at $15 thanks to my PS+ sub, has been the best value for my buck in ever.

    Also, the platinum for SotC? About 80 hours. You have to finish the game 3+ times, and do two Time Attack runs, once in Normal, once in Hard. Oh, and collect all lizard tails. And eat all fruit. Have fun!

  • downloading it from itunes now.

  • Probably the best podcast ever.

  • XD Isli is starting to sound like FooBear. You’re going the path of the dark side my friend.

  • Well it’s true…:p

  • @Isli you know I was thinking about your ‘hardest game’ question at work today, and I don’t know why I didn’t even think of it on the podcast, but Catherine was one of the toughest games I’ve played. I had to step down from Hard (which I play all my games on) and play on Normal XD

  • First, great podcast, as usual. second, I am a little disappointed in the fact that you turned down that friend invite based on the guy’s PSN level. Probably he is just new to the whole PlayStation thing. In my case I am level 6 atm, but I purchased my PS3 a few months back. Kinda sucks mate.
    I am glad I’ve listened to this podcast, regardless of the fact that I haven’t played Heavy Rain, but now I do feel like getting out and searching for a copy. I’ll make that my mission for the next few weeks.

  • @Cheeto It wasn’t completely the fact that his level was 2, it was I have no idea where he was from. He didn’t say “Oh hey, we played Battlefield 3 together” or “I like your youtube videos” it was just “add me”.

    I don’t like adding people I don’t know. I only add people from like this site. Or people that I’ve communicated with and played a ton of online games with. For instance when I first got my ps3, the first people I added were people that I played the GameSpot Resistance tournament in, because we were all on the same team. And then the people who I played R6:Vegas with back in the day, who I actually talked to on the mic.

    I don’t like blind invites. Just like MMO’s I don’t like that XD don’t tell me to add you. I need to know where you know me from. It’s like when Tosh adds people for Game Night, he has them say they’re from the site.

  • Sinlock

    Can one of you send me the details on the the broadcasts setup. I’d like to sit in on a cast on of these times. I asked a few weeks ago but I think the post was lost when there those bad server issues.

  • And yet when you friended me, you said nothing! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ANYONE.

  • wolfkin

    double for me…


    @Sinlock you just need to have a good quality mic, and Skype.

    @wolfkin was that double for you on Sinlock’s question? If so see above.

  • good podcast. Loved the heavy rain discussion. I’m surprised noone noticed the whole ari being addictive thing. *HEAVY RAIN SPOILER* the buttler kept warning jaden about using “you know what” too much, I believe he was referring to ari. On my ending jaden is using Ari and gets attacked by tiny virtual tanks. He tries to take off the glasses and turns ari off but the tanks are still attacking him even though he’s not wearing the glasses. Really cool ending and completely makes me think the “you know what” is actually ari and not the drugs because I hardly ever used the drugs.

  • I noticed Ari’s effect on him, that’s what causes his eye to bleed. As well as what the butler said to him, warning him. In my play through he had an ‘episode’ in a room alone.

    I just know the drugs he takes effect you in the game, and can screw you up.

  • I’ve always bitched about you guys doing long podcasts, but you know what, this is GREAT to listen to while I’m at the gym, so keep it up as long as you’d like!

    The only problem is when people look at me weird because I’m laughing… who cares…

  • This one was a bit long…but we’re setting new records! Goal for tomorrow – 18 hours!

  • wolfkin

    @Jcmdaddy – nope .. just meant double the points.