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PSN Scheduled Maintenance |

If you can’t log in to PSN to play Barbie adventures, or whatever game tickles your fluffy hearts, please don’t panic. PSN will be down for maintenance today from 8am until 9pm PST. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to access the usual services (PS Store, PS Home, Account management and Music unlimited).

  • ah you bastard beating me to posting this.

  • Ah, too bad. There’s a new tournament starting today on Elemental Monster. Guess I’ll have to start tomorrow.

  • time for steam. ps3 is kind of in a funk right now anyways. Nothing to play

  • Oly

    Barbie adventures isn’t online, so I can still play it.. err I mean my daughter can still play it!

  • I saw Kane’s post pending, title was:delete this, i was too slow lol

  • oh well, there are other options…

  • Pretty sure you can still play online though. I was playing online an hour ago.

  • your sepcial isli thats why

  • Isli was playing solo online multiplayer mode!

  • Maybe I am special, but I can’t ignore the facts. Perhaps I’m just damn awesome.

  • wolfkin

    OHHHHH 8 —AM— i was reading that as PM and i was so confused because it isn’t 8PM yet and the PSN just went down an hour or two ago for me.

  • seems like it’s still going on… any word on that?

  • dragon290513

    maybe try resetting your network? I got no problem loggin in.