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Releases for the Week (January 23rd-29th) |

As is always the case, the year is off to a slow start. Not many games are being released in January (yes, Final Fantasy XIII-2 does indeed release in January, but it’s out on the 31st so it almost doesn’t count), so we have to make do with one new PSN release from Tik Games (and Published by Square Enix… hey!), and some retail to PSN digital releases of full featured games. Well, as full featured a release as you can call Duke Nukem Forever.

We’ll try to get a review copy for Scarygirl so we can let you know how the game made the jump from minis to full fledged PSN release. We already got to review Moon Diver from Square Enix a while ago, so let’s see how this one plays out. Buying anything this week?

PSN Releases

Scary Girl

Daytona USA

Mortal Kombat

You Can Buy Mortal Kombat Right Here!

You Can Buy Duke Nukem Forever Right Here!

  • meh another crappy week hopefully something decent goes on sale

  • But, you can buy Duke Nukem Forever as a digital release! Hehehe.

    Scarygirls seems to be a fun game. Hope I get a chance to review it!

  • The eb games by my place can’t sell Duke Nukem Forever for 10.00. My guess on the PSN it will be $30-40.

  • The Darkness II demo will hit PSN this week. Very excited about that. I am a big fan of the original, hope the sequel exceeds my expectations.

  • hopefully there will be some decent sales this week

  • Don’t think there will be many things on sale considering we just got the 12 for ’12 promo.

  • O man I still haven’t played my DNF Balls of Steel Edition…… I just want to remember what could’ve been, instead of playing it and hating it. But I bet I’m going to love it XD I’m the 1%

  • If you pretend it came out 10+ years ago, it actually isn’t completely horrible.

  • @Isli: But it didn’t! Hehehe. If the PSN release is pricer at $10, I’d definitely be tempted to buy it.

  • I’m curious about the price of Duke Nukem… maybe it’s free just so they get a 3 digit download count and a rate average above 2.

  • 4 me Mortal Kombat
    I hope the price is not so high

  • Mortal Kombat is fun. Haven’t played MY copy (I bough the CE edition) since I got it while my PS3 was out for repairs and I haven’t had a chance to play it. Also, I let my boss borrow it for the month so I’ll get to it on february.

  • wolfkin

    We’ll try to get a review copy for Scarygirl

    man that was confusing. I was trying to figure out who Scarygirl is and why I’dnever seen the name before.. then i scrolled down and realized Scarygirl was the game not .. say the person who reviewed Duke Nukem Forever. *whew*. Btw you misspelled “of”.

  • dragon290513

    got DNF for $2 from amazon sale last year. Who gonna get MK when the Komplete edition is just around the corner?

  • wow awesome capcom bundle sale. i will be picking this up

  • @mowmow: I wanted to get it since it’s an incredible price… but since I already bough 1942, I can’t access it ¬_¬. A $5 purchase is keeping me away from these awesome opportunity!

  • wolfkin

    i already bought Super Street Fighter.. i’m not sure if i want anything else aside from maybe puzzle Fighter…

  • @eden that really sucks. Puzzle fighter is my 2nd favorite puzzle game (tetris attack is first) so i have to rebuy it on psn, even if i have it on xbla

  • oh cheers for reminding me need to pick up the capcom bundle myself

  • wolfkin

    as per comments on the official blog it looks like if you’ve bought ANY of the games in the bundle then you can’t buy the bundle. THAT’s why i keep getting an error message. That’s terrible programming. Programming like that is why I’m terrified of free PSN+ games.. i don’t want to b elocked out of a sale because i already “bought” it free on Plus. Wish they would let us “double buy” stuff.