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[Giveaway] PSN The Marbians Mini |

The Marbians have crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico and need your help to get them home in this retro, marble-themed puzzle game. Fling and Flick the marble-encased aliens through 72 puzzling levels to get them back to their UFOs and on their way home!
The Marbians is a physics-based interactive game, where players will send Marbians careening off walls and around obstacles to collect moon rocks, rack up points and bonuses, and reach their UFO homes. Smack your Marbian off walls at high speed for more points, collect all the moon rocks you can, and see your alien friends safely home!

Now go read EdEN’s review here!

Winning this one couldn’t be easier….

We have 20 US codes to give away for this fun little game, and so we’ve come up with a few ways to give them away. See how after the jump!

The easiest way to win is to be one of the first three people to answer this question correctly, and you’ll instantly win a copy of the game! (I’ll PM you a code here on the site.)

Which level introduces a 2nd Marbian for us to control?

[question answer=”11″ option=”freepoints” limit=”3″]

You can also win by watching our quick news everyday this week for more chances at instant wins; visiting our chat room for random code giveaways; and by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and watching for special giveaway posts/tweets to pop up. Follow the details in those posts/tweets, and you could be playing The Marbians for free!

  • Oh, oh. Can I enter too? Hahaha.

  • yey! free game! thank you very much ;p

  • Cool glad I was checking Facebook at the right time. Thanks for the game.

  • i already have this game and its pretty fun. goodluck and grats to all that win it =D

  • ^.^ Yay! I got it. 😛 Thanks again guys.

  • Congrats to dark and mowmow….oh too early. 🙂

  • dragon290513

    oh wow congrats guys! is this first 3 people thing gonna be a trend?

  • wolfkin

    yeesh.. I was completely out of it.. never expected something like that.. I’ll have to watch for these now.

  • Oly

    Remember guys we have 20 to giveaway.. more happening now on twitter!

    dragon290513 “oh wow congrats guys! is this first 3 people thing gonna be a trend?”

    depends on what we have to giveaway and how many… and what mood I’m in 😎

  • Wow, that’s a lot of giveaways. Good luck to everyone.

  • Oly

    oh ya.. codes have been pm’ed.. congrats!

  • wolfkin

    am I not following you on twitter? that doesn’t make sense?.. i have to be. let me investigate.

  • congrats guys still lots of chances to win

  • I heard if you send…pictures…to Oly, you’ll get a code.

  • Oly

    pics huh? hmmm lol

  • @isli where do you think i get my points?

  • Oly

    lol OK more giveaways coming at you in 5,4,3,2….