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Aliens Colonial Marines Contact Trailer |

Although this is just another teaser trailer, it is very cool. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Gearbox hopefully learned from the AVP flop and improved greatly upon that game.

Sega is releasing this game sometime in Fall/Autumn 2012.

  • does look like it may turn out well

  • I’m really excited about this game. Gearbox rarely disappoints (DNF doesn’t count as that went through publishing hell). Blue Shift is an amazing expansion, and Borderlands is probably in my top ten games of all time.

  • This game is interesting and I do love Aliens so I’m tempted, but I’d like to see a bit more about the gameplay. The trailers are really doing a good job so far.

  • dragon290513

    this and Prometheus make a Alien fan’s day 😀

  • I actually siked for this one, mainly bc my cuz is workin on it, and also it actually looks kind of scary, like it will have the oh shit i didnt see that coming, heart pumpin non stop for bit moments. And it looks awesome plane out. Graphics need a touch up, other than that, its awesome.