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Releases for the Week (January 30th-February 5th) |

The last week of the month is here and we finally start to get more than one retail releases as publishers realize that we actually like to purchase games all year long (and not only during the holiday rush). The three retail releases bring something for everyone, as we’re getting Final Fantasy XIII-2, sequel that is supposed to “fix” everything that was wrong with FF XIII (which, if you ask me, was nothing at all), Soul Calibur V (fighting games are back in style!) and NeverDead (a game that is so weird, that I’ll just point you to the trailer so you can see what it’s all about).

On PSN, the only new release is Puddle. Other than that, we get some formerly retail only games that are now part of the digital service.

Full gallery after the jump:

PS3 Retail Releases


You Can Buy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Right Here!

Or maybe you want the Awesome Collector’s Edition!

Soul Calibur V

You Can Buy Soul Calibur V Right Here!

Or maybe you want the Shiny Collector’s Edition!


You Can Buy NeverDead Right Here!

PSN Releases


Mini Ninjas

You Can Buy Mini Ninjas Right Here!

Madden 12

You Can Buy Madden 2012 Right Here!


You Can Buy Kane and Lynch: Dead Men!


You Can Buy Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Right Here!

PSP Releases

Naruto Impact

  • Yes there was no problem with FFXIII if you liked running down hallways hitting x repeatedly. That being said I was impressed with the demo on the PSN and am hopefully grabbing collectors tomorrow.

  • Only Soul Calibur V for me. Looking forward to playing Eizo despite never playing an Assassin’s Creed game. Hoping the online in SCV isn’t a laggy mess.

  • @Sakinah: Regular or CE?

  • Cheeto

    I am anxious to see how Never Dead turns out. When Kane and Lynch 2 came out I almost bought it, but the campaign is 4 hours long! For the right price, I might just get that off PSN. Hey EdEN, got 3 words for ya: Twisted Metal demo!

  • Nothing for me this week, more savings $_$

  • @Cheeto: Yep, new demo tomorrow… but this is for “games”, not demos, which is why I don’t report on them.

  • I’ll be picking up my ff13-2 collectors tomorrow. Other than that i’m going to wait until soul calibur drops in price.

  • Agreed on the price drop. I remember soul calibur IV getting cheap in a few months. Even the collectors editions being cleared out at a heavy discount as low as $30 I believe.

  • I’m picking my copy of the FF XIII-2 CE tomorrow as well.

  • hmm wouldnt mind trying our Never Dead myself other than that hated FF XIII so not going to waste my time on FF XIII 2 for now

  • @Eden Regular. I’ve sworn off Collector’s Editions.

  • Wanna play SC 5, but not pay for it. Need to find me a contest! 😛

  • @Darklurkr23: No contest for you!

  • I really dislike these recent FF games. Maybe it’s just nostalgia speaking, but I can’t help but feel that they have just been going downhill. The last FF game I actually enjoyed was X, and I did try playing most of the recent ones.

  • @Isli: If your nostalgia speaks, you listen! Buy a DS and get Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. Then get a PSP and buy Final FAntasy IV Complete. FF IV and VI are the best. Oh, there’s also a remake of IV on DS that makes it all 3D AND has voice acting. My Yoshitaka Amano signed (and moogle sketched) copy thanks you for considering a purchase!

  • @isli yep totally agree with you there

  • @Isli: Wait, you didn’t like XII on PS2?

  • @Eden: Nope, I thought XII was pretty bland. The story was almost completely forgettable. They tried to do a political war story, but the writing lacked any depth. Visually, it was nice looking, but a shallow story and a ridiculously boring battle system can’t be saved by graphics. Also, the characters weren’t likable at all and their archetypes were just obnoxious.

  • ye cant even remember much about XII myself just that i hated it

  • I kinda wish ff13-2 had a steel cover,but oh well it still a nice package

  • @mowmow: Artbook and soundtrack look good? Won’t be able to pick up my copy until tomorrow.

  • Gotta say that Mini Ninjas is kind of a fun kid’s game. Fun in the sense that I (not a kid) enjoyed it as well. Charming aesthetic. But I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for it. Wonder how much it will be on PSN.

  • Mini Ninjas is indeed a fun, charming game. I got it as a gift on Wii and played it start to finish. And it’s $19.99 in the PSN store which makes it LESS than $20 hehehe.

  • wolfkin

    never dead sounded fun. i hope that turns out well.

  • dragon290513

    never dead was bashed so much by the press 🙁 *looking at his backlog*

  • Not as bad as AMY though right? 😀

  • @Darklurkr23: Have to ask Oly about that hehehe.