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Uncharted Uncovered: Inspiration |

Here is a first hand look of what inspired the designers at Naughty Dog Studios to create the bar raising game we all know as Uncharted 3. This short video features interviews and insight with Amy Hennig, John Scherr, and various developers. (If you have not played the game this may contain minor spoilers.)

  • Cheeto

    The Uncharted series has easily some of the best action/adventure games to date. It has outstanding visuals, characters you can relate to and a great story to tell … I would even say that any games set in the Uncharted universe are the only games that I would not hesitate to buy, even if they release it on a yearly basis.
    I play video games because I am always looking for an adventure, Naughty Dog are masters in crafting a story, so gripping, you just wish it never ends … unfortunately it does and you end up with a huge disappointment and a smile on your face.

  • Wow @cheeto you’re really into UC huh? Personally I do think it’s a bit over-hyped… but the games really are good. There are very few games I would commit to a yearly purchase, I even gave up on Assassin’s Creed which I do love ( I & II, Brotherhood… meh not so much)…

  • Oly

    wow that was short..
    which is exactly what I thought when UC3 ended.. I haven’t even played mp since I finished the game..