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FPS Question 2 |

Due to issues with the first post, I had to make this question into its own post. Again, good luck!

In one of the many vehicular combat titles, one in particular included this character, which had a special attack/weapon whose effectiveness was dependent on the proximity of its victims. It would expel an explosive shockwave from the “vehicle’s” platform, even being effective while in the air. What was the name of this character?

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  • Done and done.

  • got it. Never played —– —–. Took a bit of digging.

  • I would have bet money this was someone else’s post.

  • Also…giving stuff away Nmac >.>

  • Took care of that. NO spoilers!

  • Sorry my bad. Completely unintentional. I tried to go back and fix it however I was beat to it. Apologies again.

  • Secretly Eden just edited out the part of Nmac’s post where he said he liked Oly more.

  • Who doesn’t? Oly sends me codes for games I win who wouldn’t like that.

  • Wow, my first guess was right. And I never played the games. .-.

  • Oly

    Everyone likes me more! lol

  • wait wait did i get my points for this jay?

  • damn, this was fast didn’t get my points ):

  • wolfkin

    I think I might have known this one…