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Exclusive Twisted Metal Skins from NOS |

If you want some cool car skins for Twisted Metal, all you need to do is drink some NOS and head over to!! See the details below.

Twisted Metal® returns to PlayStation®3 with unhinged car combat destruction and action movie mayhem. From the twisted mind of the game’s creator, David Jaffe, come these downloadable vehicle skins are available exclusively through NOS®. Just grab a NOS® Energy Drink, look under the cap and check out NOS® Reward Series to claim your download code. Plus, be on the lookout, because the NOS® crew will be hosting events across the country, with the chance to play Twisted Metal® and grab some free NOS® Energy Drinks!

  • I don’t think that crap. Anyone want to give me a code?

  • Oly

    Maybe if u drank one you’d think enough to write “drink” instead of “think”…

    lol Am I the only one brave enough to mess with Tosh?? I think so.. hehe

    I’ll get you one

  • that skin looks kind’a silly… and just ask kane, i hear he’s hooked on those ;p

    do you guys think this will become a thing for ps3 exclusives?

  • aghh awesome!

  • Cheeto

    Hmm NOS seem to be going at it lately. I have to say, that skin is freaking ugly lol

  • haha have drank a nos in ages might have to grab a few again for these skins always a few people that want them

  • Oly

    it seems that there are more than one skin, “these downloadable vehicle skins”???? but they just picture this ugly one lol

  • @Oly lol man I’ve been sick all week. Can’t type straight sometimes 😛

  • @Tosh please don’t work on the codes for the blog while you’re in that condition ;p

    ps: get better hehe