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Free Points Saturday | February 4th |

Well, I was almost late with this one, but to my credit, it is still technically Saturday in the states! Anyway, did a little bit of a hunt for you guys to find this one (it should actually be a quick one, but I’ve been wrong before). I wouldn’t say that it’s hard, but you might have to do some thinking on this one. First clue:

“I want to keep things private.”
Clue 2: “There should be a policy against that.”
Clue 3: “That was the highlight of my day.”
Clue 4: “I’ve been searching for that video he uploaded.”

Sorry, a little too late! The answer was sparrow.


  1. Hmm

  2. Something tells me we may need another hint.

  3. Agreed The_Nmac. Agreed.

  4. +1 on a new hint ! That is a hard one !

  5. I have yet to guess a FPS >.<

  6. I think that perhaps something is missing in this due to site issues Jay.

  7. I’m close. Something is not making sense though or I need another hint.

  8. I just keep thinking that the answer is something that we would never think of. Another hint would most likely help.

  9. hrm…I found what I thought to be a code word… but… I’m not sure what to do with it now!

  10. I’m at that point too.

  11. lol, the new clue probably won’t help you, then, but maybe the 4th will give it away to you guys

  12. does that mean clue 4 will be on the way soon? 🙂

  13. Apparently I’m the only one that can’t access the page the first clue is even on >.>

  14. Turns out I’m good. No need for clue 4. Finally with this and superbowl points I have crossed the 5K. Here comes 10K next.

  15. Hmm almost 100% positive I found the answer, but its not working for some reason when I try it..

  16. dragon290513

    i got nothing other than the fact that the old clue or “answer” is still there

  17. wolfkin

    i need like a wheel of fortune hint.. is it a game? or just a word that’s gaming related? is it not gaming related? unfortunately I’ll be in class till 6. I’ll try to actually research everything I know about Jay when I get out then.

  18. kennygk PM me your answer and ill let u know if thats right and your just typing it wrong or something

  19. Jay, you should be a detective, this was not easy in any way.

  20. Only easy because you made it and you’re the editor here :p

  21. Ice-cold FPS this week, Jay. Ice-cold.

  22. lol shoot guess my chat hint gave it away lol

  23. Jay’s meds are making him sadistic and evil I think.

  24. OR, his beard has finally taken over his brain, and his beard is secretly evil.

  25. Isli was going to get his 150 points by commenting 30 times on this post.

  26. I liked it bit of a mystery. A good challenge.

  27. whoa, tough stuff. needed that fourth clue to figure out what to do with the crazy code. the protocological format of the code never would have occurred to me. apparently it was meaningful to the five people ahead of me, though. good job, cats!

  28. That was a tuff one. Good work Jay.

  29. dragon290513

    damn it!

  30. Still drawing a blank. Can I have some of Jay’s meds so I can be on the same wavelenght? Hahaha.

  31. dragon290513


  32. EDEN! you should have this easy…

    I seriously got it with 5mins, but it’s because I post a lot of clue 4 😎

    Pedro “Isli was going to get his 150 points by commenting 30 times on this post.”

  33. Clues 1 and 2: Go to the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page.

    Clue 3: Highlight the Privacy Policy. You’ll see this at the end: UgNeq9V1BmM

    Clue 4: Go to YouTube and find a video. Change the v=(with a series of letters and numbers) and replace that with the above to get to the video I uploaded (which isn’t listed) with the secret word.

    The secret word is “Sparrow”. First come first serve with the last 3 entries!

  34. wolfkin

    yeah I’m smart… but not really. :sadface:

  35. 🙁 I missed it.

  36. dragon290513


  37. would never have gotten that myself

  38. I never did get it … oh well

  39. yea i never would have gotten it. i was just lucky enough to see Jay post the answer

  40. Damn i found the code you had to highlight but i was stumped after that.

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