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Poll Results and New Poll: Are you ready for the next generation of consoles? |

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To begin, we apologize for this very long running poll. which has been up since, oh God, November? Anyway, in total, we only had 213 votes. For the most part, people seem satisfied with the overall look of the XMB, with most of the people only wanting some minor changes (and Very Satisfied isn’t too far behind, either, and neither is the option for those who are OK with it). Out of the negative choices, love for the 360 dashboard still outranked people who don’t care or weren’t satisfied with it.

On a personal note, I actually like the XMB. The only real thing I’d like to have is a better way to sort and group things (and a search feature) to make finding specific stuff easier, as the grouping and album creating stuff now can get a little cumbersome over time, especially since there are more and more PSN, errr, SEN games on peoples’ consoles (as well as photos, videos, music, etc).

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This Poll Idea comes from Cheeto (who will get the 200 points for the idea), and it’s asking the question a lot of people might be asking right now, and that’s whether or not you’re ready for the next generation of consoles (I was actually going to ask about the PSN/SEN change, but figured no one would really care). Anyway, have at it! Choices range from “Take my money already!” to “I could care less.”

Given this point in time, these results could really go either way.

  • Hey come on !
    Not another generation already ! The first few months/years of the PS3 were dry in excellent games. Now we see them almost every week !
    I would prefer if the new generation was not here before 2014-2015 !!

  • The PS3’s interface is better than the 360s, by virtue of the fact that I can see the backgrounds. Lots of ads, trumpets, bells, and whistles on the 360.

  • i don’t want a new console yet. There are still so many awesome games on these consoles that i haven’t played yet. Besides it will cost a lot of money =/

  • I like the old Xbox 360 interface more then the current XMB, but I like the XMB more then the new 360 interface.

    That being said, I still think the XMB need’s a rehash 😀

  • I’m very happy with the current gen graphics and everything else that could clearly improve with better consoles (only exception might be loading times). What we need are better games and that’s not related to hardware.

  • Cheeto

    @Pedro: “What we need are better games and that’s not related to hardware.”
    Most honest to god statement I’ve read in while. I couldn’t have said it better.

  • doubled215

    Don’t matter to me. My stack of games I have yet to complete just keeps getting bigger and new hardware would make current software cheaper. Go for it!

  • The XMB is perfect, although I agree with the organizing criticism.

    All the new games that have recently released look amazing… have you seen the screen for the new Laura Croft!? They look real!

    Even if they released a PS4, it would take developers forever to be able to deliver the graphics and realism that are possible with a more powerful device. Also, it seems that the new Xbox is only just catching up to the PS3 as far as hardware and drives.

    I feel they should start developing it and release it when its fully ready and a stable economy and market are ready.