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Starhawk: Limited Edition Announced |

The official PlayStation Blog revealed the limited edition of the upcoming PS3 exclusive third person shooter: Starhawk. The game is developed by LightBox Interactive and Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It will feature 2-4 split screen multiplayer and 32 players online.
You can acquire the limited edition for no additional costs by pre-ordering the game from Gamestop. The limited edition will include 2 DLC, the original soundtrack and a code to download Warhawk from the PlayStation store.

Here is the full list of Starhawk Limited Edition Contents:

– Maw of Despair Outcast Pack: Includes the Maw of Despair Co-op Map and Shade Warrior MP Skin
This challenging co-op mission takes place deep beneath the planet’s surface in a particularly dangerous Rift mine. The Maw of Despair is home to the oldest Outcast tribe, the Shade Warriors. The heart of each Shade Warrior blazes with pure Rift energy, granting them extra toughness and combat ability. The firefights you’ll encounter in the Maw of Despair co-op mission will push your shooting skills to the edge!

– Echo Scrapyard Rifter Pack: Includes the Scrapyard Homeworld and Huxley Ardin MP Skin
An exclusive player Homeworld, the Echo Scrapyard features Huxley’s mechanics shop and junkyard — known throughout the Frontier as the best place in the Frontier for Rifters to get spare parts for their Razorbacks and Sidewinders. And in the canyon basin below, Huxley’s shop is a network of roads and trails for players to hone their own Razorback 4×4 and Sidewinder Jetbike driving skills.

– Starhawk Concept Art PS3 Theme: Decorate your PS3 with the amazing concept art that help bring the Starhawk Universe to life. Only available through the Starhawk Limited Edition.

– Copy of the Original Warhawk (PSone): Download and play the title that started it all!

– Official Starhawk Soundtrack: Christopher Lennertz’s sweeping original score available as a PSN download.

Starhawk will be available on May 8th. You can download the multiplayer beta from PSN right now!

  • dragon290513

    tried the beta, this game isnt for me 🙁

  • Cheeto

    Yeah, the beta wasn’t the main attraction indeed. The singleplayer campaign on the other hand looks very promising.

  • yea the beta sucked it didn’t tell you how do play. And since when is Warhawk in Space get turned into a Building Maker war?

    I mean I’ll win this game…. but I can’t buy it. That being said I’ll take a sapre unused lim edition code card I know someone will leave behind in gamestop used copies XD

  • I don’t believe I’ll be getting this, but this LE seems like a nice incentive for people who are looking forward to it.