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PS3 System Software Update (v4.10) |

Firmware v4.10 will be released today with a new terms of services for you to accept. The new firmware is intended to change your PSN account to a “Sony Entertainment Network Account”, in efforts to unite all Sony media services. It will also carry major tweaks to the PlayStation 3 Internet browser which, according to Sony will make the browsing process a bet faster.

For more information on the new firmware, visit the official PlayStation Blog.

  • Still don’t know if I will use the web browser much. I only use it now to download themes for the PS3. Don’t picture that changing.

  • I’ve only used the browser a couple times, but that’s because it sucks so bad, so maybe this could be useful. Don’t forget they’ll be changing the EULA as well and who knows what kind of crap they’ll pull off this time.

  • O know I here that there’s bullshit with this new update. (well my bro told me) Anyone heard antyhing?

  • Jay

    Accounts are still called PSN accounts. The SEN deal was a load of crap. If anything, I think that they just put PSN under the SEN umbrella, but it wasn’t re-branded.

    With that said, the browser does load pages better and the layout looks more like the way it was intended. It’s not bad if you’re just going on to check something like email, etc. I have yet to try a page like the regular facebook page (as I’ve just been using the mobile version since the regular site didn’t work pre-update), but it seems like they’re suggesting that it has better support for flash and stuff like that.

    It’s always been hella better than the Wii browser, though.

  • @Jay: Yep, SEN is the big umbrella and PSN is something under it. No change other than that.

    Funny thing is that I’ve used the Wii browser hundreds of times but I can count in one hand the times I used the PS3 browser. Very clunky interface and slow response. I’ll try it later and see if there indeed was a significant change.

  • wolfkin

    :shrug: still can’t sort my games alphabetically so nothing here has any major effect. it’s insane enough for me to GET online as it is much less to do fluffy things like browsers. I got backlogs yo.. no time for that stuff.

  • I second wolfkin’s call for more robust sorting and filing systems for games and media. Thank god for the directory system that we have now, but I still want to be able to reorder individual items. And hey, why not support sub-directories? Maybe a tagging system that would allow items to be cross-listed in different directories as well.

  • Jay

    I gotta say, it is improved quite a bit (I am actually posting this from the PS3). Regular facebook also works, but it takes forever for it to finish loading, so I’ll just stick to fb mobile. I am also ALMOST able to access the chat, but it times out connecting to the chat server. I haven’t had any real lock ups, either, apart from it temporarily crashing for a few minutes.

    EdEN, you must live in Bizarro World because the Wii browser has always been worse. Very slow and clunky, runs out of memory waaaay too much, and you’re restricted to one screen. I know because I, too, have used it hundreds of times. Same goes with the PS3 browser. I’ve had maybe 5 tabs opened on here at one time (you can have up to 6) and only recall having memory issues a few times, but that was long ago. Back when I didn’t have a working computer a few years ago, I even used this to do my banking and everything until I did. A lot of the stuff wasn’t even possible on the Wii.