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[Review] Gotham City Impostors | It’s Time For Enemies To Share My Dread |

Clooney NipsI’ve always been a fan of Batman.

Except when George Clooney donned the Bat suit and pretty much spit in the face of every Batman fan with his performance. And as far as the movie problems – minus Val Kilmer & Clooney – has been fixed with Mr. Nolan behind the Hollywood camera lens goes. I can honestly say that I have not looked forward to any Batman movie related release like I have for this final chapter of the series. Nolan will be sorely missed at the helm for what he has done for the Batman universe.

Now with that being said: excitement carries over when it comes to any relatable franchise. Whether it’s your favorite movie, food, sport – favorite anything, really. In this case, Batman being my favorite thing. So I scour the interwebs for my favorite thing, any news at all. Anything to quell my insatiable appetite for all things Batman.

I have found Gotham City Impostors.

This without a doubt, is probably the best downloadable (available on the PSN now) game I have ever played – ever. That’s a bold statement, I know. You have to realize its not just a game. It’s a way for you to immerse yourself as the masked vigilante himself, minus the expensive non-lethal gadgets, of course.

Wait …Let back up a minute…

Gotham City Impostors features death match, capture the flag and domination type online gameplay. You’re either on Team Batman or Team Jokerz for all three different match modes. Gotham City Impostors has the ability for you to level up 1000 times (not a typo) and unlock hand built/garage-part type weapons to completely dominate and destroy your opponent. You can also unlock gadgets that assist you in doing this as well as perks; such as the the “body odor” sniffer which is a x-ray spec type perk that highlights enemies in a orange/yellow color making them easier to hunt them down and kill them like the animals they are.

Customization is what this game does best. And you can customize everything and there’s no punchline, you really can customize everything:

Calling Cards
Your Profile
Body Types

zorgAnd I’ve customized everything to my liking, the way I think it suits my gameplay. Which is refreshing for once. I have four different load outs, two of which are for certain maps just by themselves. My favorite weapon so far is called “The Shredder” and it does just that. Think of the weapon that Gary Oldman tries to sell the aliens in “The Fifth Element” and instead of it using bullets, it shoots out ball bearings utilizing a 60 round clip. It’s as brutal as it sounds and twice as fun to shoot. The whole game is like this…just plain fun. Combine that with voice chat ability, trophies and the first planned chapter of DLC (coming soon via Monoliths’ website) for this game will be FREE. That’s right, FREE. I’ll going ahead and let that soak in and give you a chance to let that absorb.

Let’s recap:

Online Game Modes
Full Customization
Complete and Utter Destruction
Voice Chat
First pack of DLC Free
Fully Downloadable
All this for only $15 USD

Lastly, I’d just like to give Monolith (makers of the game) a firm handshake for making such a game in the first place. The imagination and talent in their office/staff must be running rampant like a bull in a china shop. I for one look forward to any add ons that are on the way for this unique and must own title. And if you feel like you got the grapes – send me a friend request (PSN ID: FooBear408) and let’s do this barnyard dance. I have to warn you, I’m no slouch and currently hovering at an awesomeness level of 62.

I give this game 4 bats out of 5 (90/100).

This review is based on a PS3 edition of Gotham City Impostors developed by Monolith Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

  • Cool review. Sounds like a fun game! I was curious when it came out, but PSN+ has made me loathe to buy games at full price. I like free, or heavily discounted.

    On another note: Let’s be real: Is there a Batman who can possibly top the frivolous kitsch of Adam West? However, I will say that when I do an brief lesson introducing classic Hollywood cinematographic grammar to undergrads, I almost always use the Joker’s interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

  • Cheeto

    I swear I though this game had some kind of a campaign! hmm, good review Foobear, I am glad you are enjoying it, it certainly sounds like a fun break from your average shooter, but I still think $14.99 is a bet overpriced for an only multiplayer experience.

    Oh, and one more thing … I AM BATMAN!

  • Looks good. I am waiting for a PS+ discount on it though. Still not playing enough COD to download another shooter.

  • This is the kind of shooting that draws my interest, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, basically pure fun. Nice review foobear.

  • Like some others, I too am waiting for a PS+ discount. I really enjoyed playing the beta.

    @premiersoupir I can’t tell if you downing Adam West’s batman or if its just sarcasm, but his Batman is awesome and that TV version is amazingly fun. It’s also on par for this Gotham game. They’re both fun and are so far in left field that they don’t detract from comics or recent movies serious canon.

  • Hey common guys, Adam West is awesome! That show is hilarious (even though they may not be supposed to), a true classic! There’s a dubbed version a là Kung Pow around here that is one of the most hilarious things ever. EVER!

  • Was really hoping for a full set of trophies since it was $15. Might get it once the price goes dow since I’ve got enough games as it is.

  • No sarcasm here — love Adam West and Burt Ward. And yes, Pedro, the show is certainly designedly campy.