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Date Set For Journey |

You may remember a little game named Journey. It was initially anticipated to release sometime last year but was ultimately given a Spring 2012 launch window. Today thatgamecompany announced that Journey will arrive in North America in just under a month from now on March 13th for $14.99. European and Japanese PS3 owners get the game on the 14th and 15th, respectively.

Not quite a Spring release since Winter doesn’t officially end until March 20th, but hey, who’s complaining?


  • Fianlly! I’ve been waiting for this game for a really long time!

  • Cheeto

    I am so excited about this. Its been on my wish list since 2010. March … GET OVER HERE!

  • Hooray! Hope there’s a PSN+ discount, but I’m buying this, regardless. Gotta support ThatGameCompany, which produces really innovative work.

  • Cannot wait for this game. I don’t even care if it’s good or not, it will be mine.

  • whoop whoop cant wait to see this game in action

  • Oly

    It is actually a really fun game.. I was pleasantly surprised playing the beta months ago…

  • @Oly: Where’s that Amy review ):<

  • cant wait to play this. i couldn’t get enough of the demo