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PlayStation Vita Impressions |

Yesterday, I got my first hands on with a PlayStation Vita at the Austin Vita Club that Sony has set up. After reading so many previews, I felt like I already knew everything there was to know. However, I had a few reactions to using the device in person:

  • The buttons and analog sticks are very small. Much smaller than a PS3 controller or a PSP. The sticks had no perceptible dead zone and felt very smooth and polished.
  • My expectation was that the the OLED screen was larger and noticably nicer than most smartphones. That was definitely true. Size-wise, it’s larger than a smartphone, but definitely way smaller than a tablet. A few smartphone models have already have OLED screens, but the image quality on the Vita is noticably better than non-OLED screens like those found on an iPhone. There is also a quality advantage over the typical HDTV, although the HDTV obviously has a large size advantage.
  • The Vita Social Club setup was pretty stylish. Although, honestly, I don’t like these free events. They tend to draw more of a random street crowd that wants to mooch off free stuff, rather than actual video game enthusiasts. I’d rather pay to get a nicer experience. They chose the Austin famous Chilantro to do the free food catering; they make Korean tacos/burritos which was an excellent choice.
  • When you page around your available games, the Vita OS shows games that can’t be played without a cartridge. I hope they fix this in a patch.
  • I got to try the Marvel vs. Capcom fighter: that’s not my type of game, but it was enough to demo the quality of the controls, the display, and the graphics processing power of the device.

I definitely expect this will replace my PS3 as my primary gaming device. The launch lineup has a handful of entertaining content, but I’m super excited about LittleBigPlanet and other 2012 multi-platform releases.

  • see small. This will never replace my ps3 by any means. I prefer 1000hr games and AAA exclusive. Not mini pick up and plays.

  • Glad you loved the PS Vita Darrin.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one next week. My very own Vita. Plus with the news released today about buying one game working on 2 platforms is just superb AND value for money!!

  • @Jason yeah, I hope the Vita doesn’t become a mini-game platform. I really not into to casual gaming.

  • you had me at korean tacos.

  • sadly pedro with its low scores on little deviants 5.0 and alot of the others it appears to be a mini platform. time will tell. Sony letting capcom get the next 2 new monster hunters has me concerned they are not into AAA games. God knows what nintendo paid but im sure that will come out soon enough with capcom putting more ips up for sale

  • Some people seem to need exclusive games to warrant the Vita, I just want good games.

    I have a handful of games that I want to play more of (Dark Souls, Skryim, the new Final Fantasy, or maybe the new Binary Domain). If I could play them on a Vita rather than my PS3, I would definitely be more inclined to enjoy them. My kids have taken over my HDTV but I can sneak the Vita into my office or play at a hotel.

    Yes, Korean Tacos are awesome!

  • Hope the Vita picks up sales-wise. A new rumor just popped up about several studies canceling their round 1 releases for the Vita after low sales in Japan, while switching to 3DS projects.

  • REally though you those Little Deviants was going to be good? I didn’t even see any screen about the games other then 1 cover (maybe) and I knew it was bad XD

  • I don’t really believe exclusives are the only way to go here. If the Vita is capable of handling some version of great PS3 games it would be a lot more useful and in reality all we want is to play decent games. I just hope we’re not stuck with PSN titles, because as good as they might be, there is no way it’s better than a AAA consoles game, not in the slightest.