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Do You Pre-Order Video Games Or Buy Used |

Personally I pre-order the games I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. The pre-order bonuses are just to tempting to pass up sometimes. Usually with online games it’s the most fun when the game is new and everyone is still getting used to it. Plus with the online pass, it’s actually better to buy a online game new anyway. I don’t buy as many games as I used to, so I really pick and choose which games I get now. There are still lots of games I would love to play, so I do pick up used games from time to time.

Where do you get your PS3 / PS Vita games? Do you get them at online stores like Big W or Amazon? Or do you get them at local stores such as Gamestop, FYE, Best Buy, Target, etc.

  • I get 50% of my games from pre-orders because of the bonuses. And CE are something I always buy new. The odd used game I buy here and there is mostly because I missed them the first time around since I really can’t buy ALL games hahaha.

  • im usually a mix sometimes buy brand new or used either from amazon, gamestop or sometimes ebay. Think the only game ive ever pre-ordered was BF3.

  • I’m like @eden if there are pre-order bonuses for a game /series i like, then i will preorder. Games that don’t have any incentive, I wait, I buy used on games that are a couple of years old like batman arkham asylum or the older resistance games.

  • As for right now, my last purchase was a CE copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (which I had pre-ordered), and I’m on a “finish 5 games from your backlog before buying a new one” regime in order to cut down my backlog hehehe.

  • @eden with the preorder bonus’s like ff12-2 novella they get crazy expensive to buy if you do not get them at launch.

  • I normally get a list going of what I want. I then sit back and watch for it to drop in price.Most new titles go for $39.99 within 2 weeks at frys and target so the $19.99 mark is what I aim for. I only buy day 1 if I can afford to and if its something with a fun mp. But frys is bomb, they hace games for $4.99 all the time so I usually get 4 of those instead of what I was going for lol

  • wolfkin

    Always new, almost never pre-order.

    I buy them new, and later. Pre-ordering is a suckers game. Ever since they stopped giving me actual items and started taking out digital stuff to make it a “pre-order” bonus I don’t see the point. Why pay $60-$70 for a new game and maybe get a $20 gift card at best (or $5 DLC at worst) when you can wait a few months and just pay $30 straight up. The bonuses are rarely something you couldn’t buy later (“Incredible Hulk: the bad one” had a Red Hulk Skin you can’t get if you didn’t pre-order at GS.. boo hoo). So worst case scenario by waiting you end up paying $60 for the game + the bonuses and you end up at the same spot as the guy who is throwing away $60 before he’s played the game.

    Usually however you can make a more informed opinion on whether or not those golden guns or classic age skins are really worth paying for. Maybe save yourself the extra money or use that $30 you saved on OTHER DLC that you DO want. (not to MENTION the whole GotY phenomena)

    I might reconsider if I was buying an online heavy game (that are least i understand why you want to buy it in that first week) but i have little to no interest in FPS games so the online games I buy in stores generally have longer lasting communities. People still play Resistance 2, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and Burnout Paradise even now. The last game I preordered was Soul Calibur II for the gamecube that came with the sweet art book. Nowadays that’s not a pre-order bonus. That’s a CE include, and while I enjoy my art book I don’t want to pay an extra $20 for the “With art book” Edition. That should be pre-order stuff.. and now I’ve closed the loop.

    In the past 5 years I’ve paid >$25 for less than 5 games. Kirby Wii i bought at Full price $60 because GS/EB was having a sale that also gave you the other Kirby Wii game. So for $30 each on a Wii games I said ok. DefJam Rapstar completely flipped me when I played it so I bought that for $40 (which was the sale price i believe; though now you can get it WITH a mic for $20). Deus Ex Augmented Edition was on sale for $10 less than the regular edition for I bought that for $40 last month.

    So traditionally I DO get my games from stores. Usually clearance bins. But I keep a close eye on my deal websites (CAG, FatWallet, RedFlagDeals) and I go to whoever has the best deals. I have a backlog of 40+ games and that’s just THIS generation. I’m in no hurry to play inFamous 2 I can wait until I see a sale or until I dig a bit into the back log. I got some very long and very GOOD games to play. Don’t get me wrong I do have like 5 copies of Guitar Hero DS but I only paid $1 each for them (new) eventually I’m gonna meet some little kids and they’re going to get presents.

  • I preorder used games >.>

  • I’ve pre-ordered 99% of the games I have current gen.

    Last gen I just walked in a bought most new, with no pre-order.

    I don’t care much for pre-order bonuses, I just want to insure I get a copy that is still wrapped in plastic.

  • @wolfkin: Are you a NIS America, Atlus, or XSEED Games fan? Those are just 3 companies I can think of that deserve (and need) our money, ASAP. Also, they are great at giving us PHYSICAL goods as pre-order bonuses OR as included extras on the initial run of their games (artbook+soundtrack for Catherine, Soundtrack for Radiant Hystoria, extra figurine and soundtrack CD with Disgaea 4 pre-order straight at the NIS America store, 2 posters with purchase of Trails of The Sky from XSEED, etc.). I agree with you: DLC extras as pre-order bonuses is NOT how you get my money. Maybe our brains are still too old-school, but I’ve got a bookcase full of artbooks, soundtracks and figurines from LE, CE, pre-orders and “straight from the publisher” purchases I’ve made.

    As for my backlog? It goes all the way back to the NES (just bough a game 2 months ago), and it stands at 100+ retail and 120+ digital. Need to stop buying games, especially since my PS3 has decided to stop playing Blurays… again.

  • I tend to preorder them however I wait as long as I can. I like to read the reviews just to know what I am getting. Most recently I preordered FFXIII-2 once the reviews came in and I played the demo. That almost backfired though as the collector’s editions were very hard to come by. Still got one though.

  • @”Clint”: Completely agree about that. I have walked out of game stores many times when they give me a game that has been opened. The gamestop near me knows by now that I refuse to buy games they open.

  • bloody hate how gamestop does that. Thats why if i buy anything there its a used game

  • Jay

    I rent on GameFly. If I like the game, I’ll buy it sued from them because at least I will know whether or not the game works. Most of the time, they’re in like-new condition, and the used price is about half retail price (sometimes less). Plus, when they ship you the case, it comes with unused online codes as well, so I don’t have to spend that extra money to enable it. IMO, that’s a win/win.

  • wolfkin

    @EdEN There certainly exceptions, when it’s actually likely that a game could be rare. Games that are likely to be rare (like say Black Sigil or Moon both on DS) are not likely to be around long enough for a price drop.

    Personally I’m not really into supporting game companies on principle. My money is just too tight. I do however try to make ethical decisions when I can. Still, I would never pre-order a game /just/ to support the company. I might pre-order Catherine if I was really into it sure. I would buy Dokapon Kingdom in the first month because it’s not likely to be there next month as an Atlus game. No problem with those. But one of the most terrible developments in this generation is the overall shift to pre-orders. It seems like EVERY game has pre-orders. They don’t all need them. As a basic rule of thumb if you don’t remember the game you pre-ordered you didn’t need to pre-order it. Outside of MP games there’s never a need to pre-order a game you aren’t extremely excited for.

    Gamestop’s we’ll put a sticker on the case and call it new policy is the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard. For all the car metaphors that insides like to make. (i.e. “You don’t like online pass? well when you buy a used car you don’t expect OnStar to work”) they’re suspiciously quiet about the whole open the game and sell it as new anyway. There’s absolutely ZERO reason for it. GS is supposed to be the biggest game seller in our country. They’re supposed to have all the clout with publishers. There’s ZERO reason they can’t just demand some extra sleeves so they can put on blank DVD cases. How about taking down the 20 blank DVD cases with concept art for games coming out a year from now. I’ve taken the open-new game before… and i still feel dirty inside, so dirty I haven’t done it since.

  • @wolfkin: I could never find a copy of Black Sigil, but did manage to get Moon and Dementium I and II.

  • wolfkin

    @EdEN got it at an awesome sale.. $1 at Wal-Mart with Moon, and a bunch of others if I recall

  • @wolfkin: Damn, that was one hell of a deal!

  • wolfkin

    @EdEN the Wal-Mart $1 games deal was legendary up here in Canada. The good stuff got wiped out almost instantly.. hoarders and what all but th elesser knowns lesser wanted…if you dug hard enough you could find gems. Got like 5 copies of Guitar Hero DS, Moon, Lock’s Quest (F U IGN that game is unplayable), Black Sigil, like 12-13 more games.. some good. most unknowns.

  • I’ve never bought an used game and I don’t think I ever will. I like my games brand new. I pre-order most games I’m looking forward too (Even though we don’t get many incentives around here). 30% of times I wait until the game is at discount and then get it, but this is getting less and less common as I’m not picking up anything I’m not really excited about lately.