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Releases for the Week (February 20th-26th) |

With the release of the PS Vita set for February 22nd, more and more Vita games are starting to show up at retail (and on PSN) for all new buyers to get their game on.

While not as crazy packed as last week, we do have eight PS Vita releases as well as two PS3 retail releases and two “now on PSN” formerly retail-only games. Not only that, but we are also getting two minis releases with Hungry Giraffe (for which we’ll have a review soon!) and Touchdown Fever, as well as one PS2 Classics release thanks to Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers.

Overall, this is a good week for all PS fans and especially for PS Vita fans since we have to remember that all Vita games you buy directly at the PSN Store will give you access to a 10%+ discount!

Full list of games after the break.

PS3 Retail Releases

You Can Buy Asura’s Wrath Right Here!


You Can Buy Syndicate Right Here!

PSN Releases

Mafia II

You Can Buy Mafia II Right Here!

Force Unleashed II

You Can Buy Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Right Here!

PS Vita Releases

You Can Buy Shibobi 2: Revenge of Zen Right Here!

Hustle Kings Vita

Touch My Katamari

You Can Buy Touch My Katamari Right Here!

Ben 10 Racing

You Can Buy Ben 10 Galactic Racing Right Here!

Army Corps of Hell

You Can Buy Army Corps of Hell Right Here!

Dynasty Warriors Nect

You Can Buy Dynasty Warriors NEXT Right Here!

Mutant Blobs Attack

minis Releases

Hungry Giraffe

Touchdown Fever

PS2 Classics

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammer

  • Cheeto

    I can’t stress how cool the Force Unleached II was. Its a fantastic game and a great entry to the genre. As for Mafia 2, I only heard a good feedback, so if someone can recommend a purchase I would reconsider lol I think both titles are $20 each, so that’s a bargain!

  • meh nothing there for me

  • Warrior Ten what? Whoever is in charge of bringing the “classics” needs to be shot. And Army Corps from Hell is the greatest name for a game lately XD

  • i would get shinobido later, I always like the tenchu games because assassinating people was awesome.

  • @Darklurk23: I dunno…I always thought Touch my Katamari was an odd name…

  • Star Wars is fun, but way too easy to be worth it. Nothing for me this week.