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Top Five Anticipated Games of the First Half of 2012 |

Motorstorm: RC

The Vita has several other great launch window games, but this is the one I am really dying to play. This is also the one launch window title based on a largely new game mechanic versus extending an established favorite. RC’s focus on asynchronous multiplayer, with target race lines integrated into every race sounds perfect. I hear a lot of predictable complaints about the lack of a traditional online real time race mode, but that is completely missing the point. Every other race game under the sun already has a traditional real time online racing mode. This game sounds like it is more suited to my play style.

While Motorstorm games are normally full priced $60 titles (and worth it), this game is a budget priced title AND you get both the PS3 and the Vita versions of the game for the same purchase. The PS3 version also has stereo 3D support and local multiplayer options. Nice!


The only PS3 exclusive on this list. Based on the developer’s pedigree, the rave previews, and the cryptic teaser screenshots and videos, I’m expecting the best non-traditional game experience of 2012.

Max Payne 3

In 2012, a shooting genre game has to do something really special to get my attention. This game looks like it will have some super innovative mechanics, quality production, and more importantly a brilliant narrative from the best writers in video games: Dan Houser and his team. The same writing team that wrote for GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and Manhunt. This will be a must play.


The only non-PS3 game on the list (it’s Windows/Mac/Linux) and the only game from a studio that I never heard of before. This is one of the more innovative freemium MMO games out there. The entire ecosystem, including mobs (monsters), gear, crafting resources, and all shops are completely controlled by the player base. No NPC merchants or no auto-spawning mobs. The graphics engine is isometric and the combat is turn based. The game is in free open beta right now (see here).

Armored Core 5

I don’t know if I will actually like the end game, but I’m excited about it for three reasons: The developer’s Demon’s/Dark Souls games were absolutely brilliant, fans of this game have convinced me that this is a deep game that is unlike the other action games on the market, and this sequel is supposedly getting lots of major improvements.

  • Cheeto

    Mostly excited about Journey, like we all should! Wakfu looks a bet like .. Bastion, there are some resemblance. Bastion on the PC was one of my favorite games last year, so I will give this a shot. Starhawk, I am Alive and Dragon’s Dogma are all worthy entries and then comes Dust 514 and Sorcery in June, they both are on my watch list. It turned out this year might not be bad after all!

  • Wakfu and Bastion have the same distinct isometric graphical style, but they are completely different mechanically. Bastion is a solo action/adventure game, Wakfu is an MMO with turn based combat.

    I’m super excited about Vita and Android/iOS and the hobbyist game output, but there are surprisingly few big 2012 releases that I’m excited about.

  • cant wait for max payne 3 and journey myself on that list

  • Max Payne 3 is shaping up to be a great game. Journey is intriguing as well.

  • I’m glad someone else is paying attention to Armored Core 5. I have this strange feeling that it’s going to reboot the series in a great way.

  • for me its mass effect 3 and journey. other than that honestly i don’t know what else is coming out

  • wolfkin

    an entirely player driven economy? that sounds like a recipe for emergent gameplay. Could be fun.

  • Dragons Dogma……………………

  • My list is looking fattier ;p I’ll have to look into Wakafu, it looks like the kind of game I’d like.