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Borderlands 2 New Trailer |

This game is on my must have list and its looking better then ever. The trailer has 4 new playable characters to showcase as well as some of the colorfull envirorments.

Borderlands 2 will be released on September 18, 2012 in North America and September 21, 2012 internationally!

Read what Chris Faylor had to say on some of the major changes in Borderlands 2 after the jump.

And that’s just the beginning. It barely scratches the surface of some of the underlying changes, especially when it comes to the way that characters grow and become more powerful throughout the game. Each character has their own unique Action Skill at the root of their multi-tiered Skill Trees, and as you complete more quests and kill more enemies and gain the necessary experience to start working down those Skill Trees, you’ll come across skills that do more than just add passive stats and perks — they change the way that character plays.
Let’s talk about Salvador the Gunzerker, for example. When you trigger his Action Skill, he’s able to temporarily dual wield any weapons in the game. And if you just want to run and gun and blow everything up and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible, there’s a Skill Tree for that. Or if you want to make him more of a tactician and focus on nailing that one perfect shot for ridiculous damage and money, there’s a Skill Tree for that as well.
And the same goes for the other characters. Maya’s Skill Trees and the way they alter her Phaselock Action Skill likewise enable players to customize the way she plays and the role she takes in battle, as do those of Axton and Zero.
As our Game Designer Jonathan Hemingway puts it, Borderlands 2 isn’t just about making a few big changes and improvements, it’s about making thousands of little ones as well. Everything is being tuned, refined, improved and reworked, and in the coming months we’ll be talking much more about, well, all of that.

It is nice to see this game getting the love it deserves and few game changers to keep it al interesting. Theres a killer pre-order bonus as well which gets you a Golden Vault key and some Golden guns to show off. More information can be found HERE


  • Oly

    I can’t wait!! My most anticipated game of the year by far!

  • I’m with Oly on this, definitely my most anticipated game of the year! Second place doesn’t even come close! September can’t come soon enough.

    I hope this ninja guy is the new sniper, he looks awesome 😀

  • Gah, I was just about to say I hate the assassin. Mordecai was a badass. No little assassin can top him.

  • Cheeto

    First I read that 87 Brazilian guns lol I was like ha? Then, what is up with the dubstep lately? Do companies think its the latest hip thing kids like? Wub Wub? lol All jokes aside, the game looks good, hopefully the story will be better. I didn’t really get into the first one, but I know a lot of you did.

  • @Isli Mordecai is the best character there is! I was thrilled when he showed up in the trailer! A shame he is not playable again :/ but I NEED a skill tree similar to his. It’s clear to me that Salvador is the new Brick, the chick is the new Lilith, the guy with the turrets the new Roland, but it’s not clear if the assassin will play like Mordecai and honestly I would be seriously disappointed if he didn’t.

    @Cheeto I can’t believe you didn’t like Borderlands. The story may not be the main focus, but I honestly believe it’s a whole lot better than nearly all other shooters, specially if you consider the great DLC content available. Also the mechanics and concepts for the game really set it apart from the rest.

  • This game is going to be awesome! I can’t wait. ^.^

  • Its the song from lupe’s back by lupe fiasco haha! Also this game looks amazing, played the one-hour trail for the first one and i was impressed