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Mass Effect 3 in Space! Win a copy |

This is awesome! EA is sending early copies of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 into space! The games are equipped with GPS and attached to weather balloons which can be tracked via EA’s website HERE. I have to admit this is slick. Official Announcement is as follows

To celebrate Commander Shepard’s war to take Earth back, Mass Effect 3 will be the first console game launched into Earth’s upper atmosphere on a historic voyage. And you have a chance to take home a piece of that history.
Starting February 23rd, various cities across the globe will host their very own Space Edition launches. Starting with San Francisco, CA and ending in Berlin, Germany.
Track the packages on their flights and be the first to arrive at the landing zone to win an early copy of Mass Effect that has survived space travel. Each Space Edition also comes with an on-of-a-kind fan prize package. Other prizes will also be given out to runner-up participants (subject to availability).
Check back soon for rules and contest entry.


  • Cool contest, a shame it won’t come to Brazil, this was the only way I’d get ME3.

  • Wow this is the most creative contest i’ve ever seen, hoping one lands in edmonton, especially since there is a bioware building here

  • very creative but i live in new york, and it will be launching on saturday. no chance that i will even see it unless it drops right in front of me

  • haha nice wee contest hopefully the one from san fran makes is to san diego

  • wolfkin

    contests are hard to assess because i feel like a dick complaining about free stuff but generally speaking I find overly involved contests like me just a bit much. I think they punish people for having a life. You’re not going to be able to win one of these unless you literally have too much money and too little going on that you can be on a website tracking this GPS signal in real time and then on top of that be the first one to arrive. It’s just too much.

    I sometimes feel the same way about ARGs.. sometimes.

  • I’ll have to agree with you @wolfkin and this doesn’t apply solely to video-games.

  • Taken from the Mass Effect Facebook Page: Thank you to everyone who participated in the San Francisco Space Edition launches. After two days of exhaustive search and attempted recovery, both launches have been deemed irretrievable. It is unfortunate, but we have to require all participants halt further investigations due to legal and safety reasons. We are floored at the support, involvement, and contribution of the ME3 community in the last 48 hours, it has been nothing short of an amazing adventure. And it’s been the greatest honor to meet all of you. In related news, we are proud to announce that the Las Vegas launch was successfully recovered (photos soon). Stay tuned as we kick off the New York area launches later this morning, and we look forward to seeing every on the field!

  • hahaha

  • the NY launch didnt even take place in NY. It Started it PA and landed in NJ, it never made it to NY