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WWE WrestleFest Coming Soon to PSN |

For those who are big into wrestling games, namely the arcade variety, THQ has recently released WWE WrestleFest on iPad/iPhone. It is based on the old 1991 arcade game ‘WWF WreslteFest’ but updated with the WWE Superstars of today (as well as legends; there are about 30 superstars in all) and crisper, cleaner graphics.

As for the rest of us, THQ will be releasing the game later on PSN (as well as XBLA and Android). As to when exactly, there is no set date. We’ll have more information as soon as it becomes available (including whether or not it will only be on PS3, or Vita as well). Check below the jump for a trailer of the iPad/iPhone version to get an idea of what the game entails.

  • wooo wrestlemania

  • sweet!. Looks good. Might have to pick it up.

  • Used to play the original at the arcades back in the day. Should be interesting to see if the final product delivers the same old school fun.

  • I really can’t see how a game advertised on an iPad with just a couple of buttons to press could be any fun on the PS3.