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[Giveaway Winner] Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack! |

Sorry about the wait folks. I’ve kind of been scrambling and coordinating for coverage on some big events like GDC that’s coming up. That way I can score you fine people more free stuff and even tastier interviews, featuring yours truly of course. This game is fantastic and I encourage everyone to at least check it out – if you have the means.

Another contest, another giveaway… and that can only mean two things. Tosh has some deep pockets and you’re privileged enough to see another high quality FooBear408 exclusive video. Firm handshake goes out to Kbear3000 for the fine cinematography work and the steady hands. Want to know who won? Guess you’ll just have to watch and boost up my pathetic youtube numbers, won’t you?

Winner will be pm’d by me personally and code will be in that message. I look forward to snagging more goodies for all my loyal minions.

  • Is that your handwriting foobear?

  • congrats

  • indeed it is my handwriting.

    that’s what four years of architectural drafting gets you.

    congrats to the winner as well.

  • Congrats. I was thinking that the Handwriting was very good as well. Kudos.

  • I’d like to thank MY “Lucky Sonofabitch” for coming up with the name for the blob. XD He won a Vita from David Jaffe in the ShootMyTruck event, and that’s why I entered, and when I had no ideas, he came up with that 1. lol

    Thanks guys. You rock de blob. 😀

  • congrats on the win ! i gotta say that’s a strange looking cookie jar?


  • Could have sworn I entered this, but I don’t see my name on that list…