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SSX | DEFY REALITY: LIVE Takes Gamers On An Epic Thrill Ride…For Real |

To celebrate the release of the adrenalin pumping new snowboard title, SSX on Friday 2nd March, EA SPORTS invited fans to ‘race, trick and survive’ a dramatic 400-metre long zip-line night jump from the top of Battersea Power Station in London.

Shredding the night

The ‘SSX | DEFY REALITY : LIVE’ short film showcases the nerve-wracking moments SSX fans from across Europe arrived at a mystery location to face a truly exhilarating challenge: flying down an iconic London landmark from 60 metres up at speeds hitting 80kph at night. All flying over a giant video screen where more fans were getting hands-on with the game.

Recreating the gravity-defying gameplay and signature stunt action of SSX in an astounding urban landscape, the Live experience was a rush of emotions for the fans who descended from the mountain of Battersea Power Station on the specially constructed zip-line.

Each of the fans was equipped with full snowboard gear, along with a zip harness allowing them complete freedom of movement – plus for the brave…flares.

Ascending to the roof of Battersea Power Station, they were strapped into their decks and then took the plunge. 20 seconds of heart-racing ‘big air’ pulling off spectacular tricks and stunts in the spirit of SSX on their descent. All of them defied reality – all became snowboarding legends.

See for yourself in EA’s short film ‘SSX | DEFY REALITY : LIVE’ after the jump. A word of warning – there are some sick moves in this video!

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SSX is out Friday 2nd March. Demo available to download on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 now.

  • damn that looks bloody fun

  • I’ll definitely be renting this game to try it out.

  • wasnt too impressed with the actual game myself