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Journey Out Next Week for PlayStation Plus Subscribers |

According to IGN, Journey will be available next week, a week earlier than the scheduled release on March 13th, exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

PS+ subscribers who purchase the game will also score a bonus Journey exclusive dynamic theme. Other users can also get the exclusive theme by pre-ordering the game from the PlayStation store.


  1. Hrm, sounds like no discount, then, for PSN+ users, as the theme is the come-on. Oh well, I’m getting the game regardless. Also one of the first dynamic themes that I purchased was the Flower theme, which is pretty awesome. Here’s hoping the Journey theme is great as well. I like the themes that changes according to the time of day.

  2. I am buying the game regardless, the theme is a welcome bonus.

  3. hmmm may have to buy this with the $20 thats been sitting in my psn wallet for ages

  4. Whats funny is that its been almost a year since I’ve played this game….a game that hasn’t even been released yet…. lol

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