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Risen 2 Collector’s Edition Announced |

Publisher Deep Silver (Dead Island, Nail’d) revealed that the upcoming pirates RPG, Risen 2: Dark water (developed by Piranha bytes), will be getting the collector’s edition treatment.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

– Making of DVD – interviews with the developers from Piranha Bytes who delve deeper into the production of Risen 2.
– Soundtrack CD – The gripping tunes of the Risen 2 soundtrack will immediately absorb the listener into this fantastic pirate world.
– Double-sided poster – a large sized map of the game world on one side and an epic artwork featuring the hero and his crew on board their impressive ship.
– Pirate Flag – with the skull motif from Risen 2.
– Amulet – a pendant that every pirate and Risen 2 fan will be proud of.
– The Art of Risen 2: Dark Waters – an exclusive collection of art cards on high quality-paper.
– Three Risen 2 stickers.

Risen 2 was officially announced by Deep Silver back in 2010. The game will offer a semi-open world, as you will be able to move freely within each island. Not all islands will be reachable, but they will become so once the story unfolds. Risen 2: Dark waters will be available on April 24th, 2012. For more information, visit Risen 2 official website. There are a few gameplay videos from the beta available on youtube. Also, check out the official cinematic trailer below.


  1. Thanks to ps3blog I was able to get in the beta for this. This is a killer game folks. Role playing at its best. Combat is hard and its gorgeous.

  2. maybe I’ll ask Oly if he can get it for me for review haha

  3. blasphemer !!! it doesnt have cars jay

  4. lol Jay is the unofficial designated all things automobiles nutjob on the site. Boats do count though … or do they?

  5. Nice CE, hope the game is as good as it looks.
    @Jason I had no idea there was a Beta for this, did you really enjoy it? I’ve read some non-optimistic previews…

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