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Darksiders II Collector’s Edition |

THQ announced a $99.99 Collector’s Edition of their upcoming action adventure sequel: Darksiders II. In this second installment, you will be taking control of Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Here is what you get with the CE:

– Darksiders II Limited Edition, which includes a voucher to download Argul’s Tomb DLC
– Life-sized replica Death mask, with stand
– Darksiders II Art book.
– Digital Soundtrack
– Exclusive Shadow of Death pack

Darksider II is scheduled for release on June 26th 2012.



  1. Too expensive, not enough quality items.

    Still incredibly interested in the game though.

  2. What’s up with all that purple?! I’ve never played the 1st game, but I’m not really interested in this… it’s not looking like something I’d really like.

  3. wolfkin

    art book, soundtrack, good stuff… but $100? how much are new games? because those are worth about $20-25 for me

  4. @Isli: The artbook is something I definitely want.. but I might wait on this and see what they do for the Wii U release. Also, the Darksiders I artbook us a huge hardcover (sold separately) that is a must for any Joe Madureira fan. Had it signed by him at SDCC. Very nice guy. Wish he did comics again. Oh, scratch that. Wish he did a Battle Chasers game!

  5. @pedrolabate: First game was actually a lot of fun. Or it had a lot of potential. Sort of Ocarina of Time meets Devil May Cry. However, the game had some totally game-breaking bugs. Game bugged out when I was maybe 80% through. I got stuck in a room, my older saves were corrupted, and I was just screwed. I was so angry that I couldn’t bring myself to restart the game. As I read on the forums, some incredible number of people had similar problems. Left quite the bitter taste in my mouth, but now, a few years on, I am cautiously optimistic about the follow-up title. Certainly not excited enough to buy the CE, though!

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