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Battlefield 3 Expansion Packs Inbound |

Arriving a week early for PS3 users, DICE announced 3 new expansion packs for Battlefield 3 coming this year.

First is Close Quarters and, as the name suggests, indoor maps with a focus on close combat and 10 new weapons (the pack will include 4 new vehicles as well). Close Quarters will arrive in June.

Second is Armored Kill. Focusing on large scale maps, and introducing the biggest map DICE has ever built. Armored Kill will feature new vehicles and will arrive later this year.

The third and final pack, End Game, which DICE has chosen not to speak much of, is expected to arrive in winter.

DICE also announced “Rent a server”, a feature that was only available to PC users, will be available on consoles soon. This feature will allow users to rent a server and customize it the way they see fit.

  • hmmm interesting wonder if the new maps will get me back into the game

  • rent a server. It would be worth it if you could set up and increase player limit lol. I dont see this taking off with console limitations but still a very nice addition. Now if the greedy IW bastards would just give their games servers we wouldnt be playing with constant host migration.

  • Good content, but it’s coming a bit late don’t you guys think? I don’t know know about these things… either they release to early or too late it seems hehehe

  • Jay

    I guess it’s better than them releasing Battlefield 4 and forcing us to spend another $60 lol. But the nice thing about BF games is that they have longevity and are still fun to play, even years after release. Battlefield 1942 I played for a very long time, for instance. Of course, that was on PC and they had a few standout mods to use, too (my favorite being the Vietnam-themed ‘Eve of Destruction’)

  • Cheeto

    I haven’t purchased the Back to Karkand DLC, 14.99 is a bet too much. Hopefully the new DLC will be cheaper. As Kane said, I also lost interests in the game, especially after Skyrim was out .. mmm Skyrim

  • I’m glad I pre-ordered and got Back to Karkand for free, but I haven’t played much of it yet lol

  • hmmmm I want Dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!