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Quantic Dreams’ Kara Demo |

The makers of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dreams, showed off a new tech demo featuring a cyborg named Kara at GDC last week, which was a tad impressive. So what are you doing reading this? Start watching now:

David Cage had dismissed LA Noire’s tech as an “interesting dead end” around this time last year and by capturing face, body and voice at once you can see why. It is mightily impressive. LA Noire only utilised facial capture resulting in some fantastic expressions but on wooden bodies creating a slightly surreal world. Quantic Dreams look to have implemented a superior technique resulting in one of the best performances seen in video games yet.

Don’t get too excited about playing with Kara yet though as this is a tech demo rather than a preview for a new title. This isn’t the first time they have made on either. If you want to see how far Quantic Dreams have come you can check out their previous tech demo for Heavy Rain, The Casting below:

Source: Introducing Quantic Dream’s Kara [Eurogamer] via: Quantic Dream’s Kara [YouTube]

  • Eddie

    I am interested…really…but…still…dunno…I’d hit it though…does that matter?

  • @eddie hahahahahaha

    it does look damn good though

  • Oly

    I suggest you watch it in 720p .. great stuff here…

    @Eddie.. the day games come with an adapter to fit his.. um.. that will be the day we will never hear from him again…

  • Cheeto

    This demo delivered in 7 minutes a plot, a well developed character and an emotional story that you hardly see in games, nor movies these days.

  • I want to be a real boy
    We already know they can deliver emotion and suspense and closure to a story. Heavy rain did all that. Im ready for another story driven interactive piece regardless.

  • @Oly: Good thing Eddie is not a PC gamer, because there are at least 5 games+accessories that do that.

  • Well, this certainly was impressive. Made me create the whole plot for the game in my head. Give me this with some Blade Runner kind of vibe and I’ll even face those annoying QTEs ;p

  • Jay

    I’ll take mine with longer hair, and no self-awareness. So I can have my way with her and she won’t be a bitch

  • Nice tech demo now show us a real game, QD.

  • Oly

    hope she comes in a self cleaning unit.

  • Jay


  • This looks amazing. Wish I would still get a chance to play something like Heavy Rain(Other than Indigo Prophecy, which I already beat).